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such a beautiful disaster
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Exclamation Old Diary of a mad man! @ 10-18-2013, 10:58 AM

I get those with a twisted imagination shocked, so when has it been a crime to walk to a park naked and sit on a roundabout talking to little girls?
psychopaths can't believe I'm so sick, the political conflict is bizarre.
but, not carrying on laughing when everyone has finished; this is hard.
my fiction seems real, so I'll think to rob their house, though, the only thing I'd take is the tv remote, then stand on the other side of the road at night switching it off when they turn it on. but, it's not all bad; I'll throw it back through the window when they shut the curtains.
I'm obsessed with sarcastic remarks, so jumping in on shit that has nothing to do with me like the rest of society is when we start.
I thought I was weird, until I signed into DU and said I'm happy I found you.
so, what's creepier then standing at the bottom of a girls bedroom window that doesn't like me, pointing in a clown suit? then, ring her phone with a withheld number like, I'm the best scary movie you haven't seen, haha, let me come inside.
she's like just go away, but I just wanted to give her a balloon, saying I won't let you run this time.
it's not normal, I just found a thrill, until I let her know I put the date rape drug in her drink, then said it's something you need to down and chill.
I wasn't the one that implied my celebrity crush is a ho, it was the computer, because I put her name in for my password and it came up 'too easy'.
I feel like their Jackie Chan getting off the plane, metaphors I'm trying in full detail to explain, so I'm Chris Tucker like 'can you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?'
getting away with 2 bombings in public places so far is what I count.
God came round last week to borrow some shaving cream and a razor blade, he said 'write what you want, you have words to use as you please, your life; is it theirs'
then the devil came round and just laughed saying 'they are selfish and don't care, so give as good as you get, this is fair'.
I've been training him to do it, but the dog hasn't been ripping the towel of my girlfriend when she gets out of the shower lately.
so, I moved on to something else, which was putting on a film, then masturbating as soon as I saw the rape scene.
I think I'm getting creepy mixed up with disgusting, but fuck it, a haunted house is something they couldn't get this rush in.
I was shocked when one enemy thought with words I'd forfeit, so I responded and said, you secretly watched gay porn, yanked yours too much, now in your ass your pleading for more dick.
my mind is exciting, haters are stuck in petrified skin, with money and are still sat around saying their bored stiff.
beautiful art work, but a ugly devil is inside. the world is a fairytale, if you want horror, I dare you to step in mine.
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