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This CD is awesome. I like his CD's because he gives you a look into his life. In the first two it was more of a look in to Marshall Mather's history and this one is more of a look into Shady's life. It is all real shit- just different times in his life. And I agree with that he will never lose his background. Some of them do, but Em is to real to let that happen to him. He will never forget where he came from. He also talks about real stuff on this album, too. The closet song where he talks about his father leaving him when he was just a couple of months old and he wonders if he even kissed him good-bye, No on second thought I just wished .... We all know the rest. But, I think that Em has and will always be real. He isn't TOO good to talk about his failures and his personal life, like the other stars try to hide it. In every one of his songs he gives us a glimpse into his life.
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