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Without Me on 09-22-2002

How fitting that the perennially vilified don of disgust should take on the role of superhero, as he laughs in the face of reactionary Middle America, as they continue in their bid to take out a pop star.
Because, let's face it, the majority of mentally mobile, culturally aware music fans, with a sense of humour and passion for kicking against establishment dullards, are laughing along with Eminem, as is inevitable when faced with a tune as instant, addictive and comic as 'Without Me'.

Against a skidding, thudding wall of disco-funk, Marshall Mathers again returns in a f
anfare of self-obsession, fire and skill, whipping in with a wickedly licked, rabble-rousing chorus of this looks like a job for me, so everybody just follow me.

Mother Debbie, MTV, the FCC, 'NSYNC, Dick Cheney and his wife, Moby and Limp Bizkit are naturally taken outside and shot, because, quite obviously, we need a little controversy. Let's have it.

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