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Stan on 11-26-2000

Mighty fine if incredibly unsettling track lifted from 'The Marshall Mathers' LP. From the opening cracks of thunder, driving rain and Dido's sweet melancholy sigh of a vocal shouldered by an ominous, buzzing bassline, you know things are going to go decidedly wrong for 'Stan'.
An obsessive fan who becomes increasingly irate that Slim Shady isn't replying to his letters, 'Stan' gets more and more desperate until he ends up driving himself and his pregnant girlfriend (who's trussed and gagged in the trunk) off a bridge into a river.

Totally scary, absolutely compelling an
d a fine song to boot, this track is sure to haunt the nation's ears for many a month to come. CD-Rom comes with original hit 'My Name Is' and the director's cut of the hitherto censored video to 'Stan'. Gripped!

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