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Review The Real Slim Shady

The Real Slim Shady on 07-03-2002

Another skinny keyboard riff snakes through this latest from Eminem, producer Dr. Dre again forgoing samples in favour of his own keyboard creations. Where previously this formula has worked impeccably, on this occasion the track ends up sounding a little bit weedy with slightly histrionic synth strings drafted in to flesh out the chorus parts.
The crowned prince of trailer trash is not at his most lyrically inventive either, a fact amplified by the inclusion of the supremely clever 'Guilty Conscience' on the CD single. Eminem's raps betray the bitterness behind his second album, bitch
in' about a long list of perceived offenders, amusingly including Christina Aguilera. On one hand he feels solidarity with his fellow Slim Shady's – congratulating himself as the brave spokesperson for a generation of kids who sound exactly like him in the safety of their own living rooms – whilst frowning on those who idolise him.

Still, the message seems to be that with or without him someone will still spit in your burger at the local fast food joint anyway. Chart success is inevitable.

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