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Review Slim Shady LP

Slim Shady LP on 04-30-1999

On Slim Shady, his major-label debut, Eminem masterfully combines superior wordplay, vivid imagery and a no-holds-barred presentation, all of which make for a thoroughly exciting hip-hop album. Like most other rappers, the Detroit MC focuses on drugs, violence and a painful childhood. But unlike most other wordsmiths, Eminem adds intricate details, crafting fuller, more graphic pictures of his imagination.Nothing is sacred to him. On "Guilty Conscience," for example, he robs an elderly woman, has sex with an underage female he's drugged, and plans to decapitate his adulterous wife. As savage a
s these acts would be, Eminem's verbal dexterity makes such morbid topics seem almost humorous. He turns the trick again on "Bonnie & Clyde," where he transports the corpse of his baby's mother in the trunk of his car while his child rides shotgun.For all of the eeriness contained in the lyrics, the production backing Eminem--some of which was handled by Dr. Dre--has a lively feel. Fortunately, his beats remain in the background, allowing his mischievous words to shine throughout the Slim Shady LP.

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