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Lyrics - My 1st Single - Encore (Collectors)

Title: My 1st Single
Artist: Eminem
Album: Encore (Collectors)
Release Date: 11-18-2004

Ohhhhhh! Yeah!
So much for first single on this one

[Verse 1]
Shady's the lable Aftermath is the stable {*neighing*}
That the horses come out of {erra} of course we're about to {stir} up
Some shit thick as Ms. Buttersworth's {syrup}
It's the Mr. Picked-on-Christopher-Reeves just for no reason
Other than just to tease him, cause he was his biggest {*belch*} fan
He used to be Superman
Now we're pourin liquor, on the curb in his, name for him
"Eminem you wait 'til we meet up again, fucker
I'm kickin your ass for everything you've ever, said"
It goes one for the money two for the fuckin show, ready, get set let's go
Here comes the buckin bronco
Stompin and stampedin up the damn street like dem buffalo soldiers
I told ya I'm bout to blow, so look out below, Geronimo
Motherfuckers is dominoes, I'm on a roll
Around and around I go - when will I stop? I don't know
Tryin to pick up where "The Eminem Show" left off
But I know anything's possible, though I'm not gonna top what I sold
I'm at the top of my game, that shit is not gonna change
Long as I got Dr. Dre on my team I'll get away with murder
I'm like O.J., he's like my Cochran today
We keep the Mark Fuhrman tapes, in a safe, locked them away {*slam*}
Better watch what you say, just when you thought you were safe
Them fuckers got you on tape, you swear to God you was playin
Whether or not you was little Joshua, gosh I wish I coulda told ya
to not do the same, cause one day it could cost you your name

And this was supposed to be my first single {*burp*}
But I just fucked that up so
Fuck it, let's all have fun let's mingle {*burp*}
Slap a bitch and smack a ho
This was supposed to be my catchy little jingle {*fart*}
That you hear on your radio
But shit's about to hit the shingle {*fart*}
Oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-no {erra}
Oh, ah {erra} oh, ah
{erra} Oh, ah {erra} oh oh ah ah
Oh, ah {erra} oh, ah
{erra} Oh, ah {erra} poo poo ca ca

[Verse 2]
{Erra erra} Erick swallowed some generic sleeping pills
And woke up in bed next to his best friend Derreck bare naked
{chiga chigga Jigga jigga} Janean just turned 16 and used a fake ID
To sneak in V.I.P. to see R. Kelly - he he he he he he
To be so young and naive
Oh what I wouldn't give to live so Kim and carefree
Paris and Nicky's parents must be so tickled they cherish every picture
with their kids with hickeys all over their necks
Hickory dickory {Dirk Diggler} look at me {work} wizardry
with these words - am I a jerk or just jerk chicken?
Or {chiga chigga chig chig jer chig jer} jerkin the chain
22 jerks in a jerk circle, or is it a circle jerk?
Wait a minute, what am I sayin? Allow me to run it back
and rewind it {blblblblblblblb well} let me ask you again
Am I just jerkin the chain, am I beserk or insane?
Or am I just one of them damn amateurs workin the damn camera
Filmin one of them Paris Hilton homemade pornos
Who keeps tiltin the lens at an angle {chigga chigga}
Just recently somebody just discovered
Britney and Justin videotapes of them fuckin
When they were just Mouseketeers in the Mickey Mouse Club and dusted 'em
And went straight to The Source with them
cause they coulda sworn someone said
Nuh - and then tried to erase and record over it
But if you listen close enough to it you can hear the
Uhh, uhh, and then they come-to
Find out it, was-Justin sayin "I'm go-nna cum!"


[Verse 3]
Any opinions or somethin you just wanna get off your chest
and address it about my lyrics I'd love to hear it
All you gotta do is pick up the phone and just dial up this number
It's 1-800-I'm-A-Dick-Sucker, I love to suck a dick
And if someone picks up you can talk all the shit you want about me
Just type in your number back and follow it by the pound key
And I'll be sure to get back as soon as there comes a day
that I fall out with Dre, wake up gay, and make up with Ray (hey!)
So fuck a chicken, lick a chicken, suck a chicken, beat a chicken
Eat a chicken like it's a big cock, ba-ca-BA-KAWK!
Or suck a dick, and lick a dick, and eat a dick, and stick a dick
in your mouth, I'm done you can fuck off, fucka-FUCK-OFF!



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