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Ove kr
I.F. To Death
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Ove kr has much to be proud ofOve kr has much to be proud ofOve kr has much to be proud ofOve kr has much to be proud ofOve kr has much to be proud ofOve kr has much to be proud ofOve kr has much to be proud ofOve kr has much to be proud ofOve kr has much to be proud of

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Old New Exclusive Purple Gang Interview ! @ 08-14-2006, 07:59 AM

Check this exclusive interview with First Born, Famous, T-Flame and Killa Kaunn. Read everything about PG´s band history, how they remember Proof and their future plans ...


By: Sarah and Linda (PG E-Team www.myspace.com/pgeteam)

For the people that dont know you yet, tell us who is purple gang and how would you describe your music?

Famous: witty street music....detroit.........

First Born: i consider our music 2 be street orientated...
wot i like to call "RydaMuzic" ... yes, talk in "tones of violence" its wot we see...
we are products of our environment...
mass media will label it somethin else... our versiltily will proove otherwise because we are able to attack other regional markets and reach other genres who can relate to our cause of existance... we are thoro!!!

Killa Kaunn: our music is fresh and innovative thats it , we are 4 dudes from detroit who blend like tapers and waves.....we were put together by p to manhandle the rap game and thats what we do.......we will continue to grow and revoutionalize the music genre that we fit in which is all the music genres added together

T-Flame: pg is a supergroup put together by the pioneer of detroit hiphop Big Proof .. R music is Straight Raw

How did you came together as a group? (How did you meet up with Proof?)

Famous: well i met proof battling, kept passing him mixtape after mixtape untill finally he called a guy named mo master where i had been recording and told him to get ahold of me....i called him back and he wanted to help me put together a demo...i told him i had ma boy flame and i wanted him down wit me.....called and called...finally he called me up to derty management, and we got it poppin from there on out...he created the froup purple gang and here we r.......

First Born: as u know im much older now
so u know ive been in the game since 89 just got serious about it in 92 makin makin beats, DJing, rhymin and all dat!
i met Proof in 96/97 and he instantly snatched me up
not even being music wise...
i feel it being strongly based upon the strength of my character...
Proof asked me wot is it that u wanna do collectively
at the time it was to start my own group...
and told him PurpleGang!!!

Killa Kaunn: i met him through i am a true battle champion (freestyle competiton no wriiten bullshit) i kept my name in the streets and he is the streets so it was inevitable that i would run into him

T-Flame: Me And Famous Was Already a group and we met proof at the st andrews battle ...

How will u remember Proof and which memory of him would u like to share?

Famous: well i remember having a battle of who could eat the nastiest shyt....its bout 15 people around us....proof reaches in the garbage can, pulls out a previously eaten chicken wing and bites it and looks at me...so i say fuckit, i reach in the garbage can grab a chicken wing and eat it too....he goes "OHHHHH" so everybodies watchin us by now...he grabs a breadstick out da garbage spins it across the floor like a spinnin top then eats half and passes me the rest....i grab it spin it back onda ground and eat da shyt....people in the background are goin nuts...he grabs a cup....goes in the bathroom lifts da toilet top drops dirt and all kinda shyt inda toilet dips his cup and drinks....i take his cup when hes done and i drink too!!...haha....by now the crowd of people are laffin hard as hell...proof cant shake me, so he says dammit! and goes into the game room and grabs a "shyt bottle" which is a beer bottle where people drop thier ashes, cigarettes and whatever else into the bottle...beer, water, spit hahahaa...but anyways he grabs da bottle and turns it up....takes the biggest drink from the shyt and after he drinks it he opens his mouth and smiles and theres a cigarette but between his teeth....i say awww shyt...i take a biiiigggg swig from the bottle....felt ma stomack flip...he says...DONT THROW UP *****....and i threw up hahahahaaaa......dats funny shyt.....i got waaayyyyy more homie...wayyyy more stories....too many....

Killa Kaunn: i will remember him through me my son his son his mom his wifee his company(our company i.f.) and every minute i continue to breathe i never call it a memory its like a part of my life history cause thats what i represent history in the making the same way p did

T-Flame: he showed me soo much ... Me and Proof went to arizona together to a comedy club and the comedian name was pierre and pierre was roasting proof and proof couldnt say nothin ... he said: flame we gotta get the hell out of here lol ... but we end up staying and kicking wit the pierre ... and enjoying the night

Who came up with the group name Purple Gang and what does it mean?

Famous: proof did....it was a mafia in detroit round 1920's dat ran shyt........

First Born: Proof asked me wot is it that u wanna do collectively
at the time it was to start my own group...
and told him PurpleGang!!!
he was like wow...thats dope
he already knew where it came from but it was time for the world to be educated on the gangsterious history of Detroit...
i told him i felt everybody else was dick ridaz and had no originality...
using names suchas Al Capone, Gotti, Gambio, FrankNitty etc.
the D had our own history...
that was in like 98 i brought the name PurplGang to Proof, he like it and it stuck...

Killa Kaunn: p did .....i told him 1 day i was going to shadow him and he told me he wanted me to be in his supergroup the purple gang im like yeah ok im wit ( thinking its some exstacy type of shit but once i found out the gang were detroit mob bosses and shit it fit the mold of *****s he put together because we are all bosses in training.......)
at the time royce was popping off on d12(we r all cool now that shit is so squashed) but i saw 1st in the club and told him to tell p i would ride on this ***** u a boss and ill hold u down i know what the deal is and we rode on that ***** and that was the begining of the purple gang

What seperates you from other rap groups what makes you uniqe?

Famous: im the key....only me and proof know what that means...

Killa Kaunn: im unique because im to fly for the average person to even b e in the same room with lol nah im different because i give the listener me 100 percent no gimmicks if i wanna cry i cry if i wanna laugh i laugh ifim mad i scowl the whole fucking room and im only 5 ft4 but i command respect from the character i am on and off the microphone....... if im ahving problems with my girl u r gonna hear and she better hope i dont say her name lmao.....if i dont like u i say it and if u dont like i say it again and again u feel me....for example ready to live was a collective week of my life just play it back u will feel me thats how i really live every part of that cd

T-Flame: r wordplay ... we really take r time to make sure r music dont sound like nobody elses and we really got good chemistry together on a track

Who were your inspirations to start to rap? And how did you start rapping/ How did you get into the Rapgame?

Famous: busta rhymes....and i wasnt able to listen to music when i was young....only heard my uncle recite back stuff he heard on the radio...i thought he was the best rapper in the world hahaha but he was kickin back kool mo dee shyt...haha...but i used to try to write raps to be like him.....i was a kid maybe 6 or 7....but anyways i met busta rhymes at a autograph signing and i saw he was a REAL person....like u cud touch him...hes real!...so i said hey i can do this shyt...these people are real....and im here...

Killa Kaunn: my inspirations were and still are all the emcess who made it because this is such a tough game so whether u are 36mafia or u r big daddy kane u are all my inspirations u know....i got into rap for the girls when i was like 10 i wrote 1 and they liked it so the next day i had another then by 8th grade i figured that i could really do it so i startedt o battle *****s and ive won waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more than i loss so i figure i can take the title of being nice on the mic

T-Flame: i was inspired by busta,jay-z ... the energy busta brings and the clever wordplay of jay-z ...

How did you came up with your rap names?

Famous: highschool......

Killa Kaunn: my real anme is mio thomas and i used to go by just mio but now im killa kaunn.....k is kill a is all u is u n is *****s and n is now put it together u got kaunn...my mom and cousins used to call me leprachaun cause i was so short but t grew a little lol so they started calling me con and i just switched the letters to fit the moniker....killa happened when a fan kept yelling it while i was in the 1st year of the spitfest competiton....thdn they wrote my name in the next round as killa kaunn

First Born: my ol gurl (mother) call me her 1stborn still til this day
its nothing extravacant..

T-Flame: the name t-flame was given to me by my boy nate ... when we use to steal cars... i had stole ah car in front of police officer at the mall while he was dozing off so when i got back to the hood he was like ya new name is t-flame ... my real name is tylando so thats where the t come from and flame was given because this is around the time the hotboys were poppn ... so i was a hotboy ... t=tylando flame=hotboy ways
I.F. To Death As Promised

R.I.P Proof
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Ove kr
I.F. To Death
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Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: Norway
Posts: 168
EW Cash: 595.00
Rep Power: 199
Ove kr has much to be proud ofOve kr has much to be proud ofOve kr has much to be proud ofOve kr has much to be proud ofOve kr has much to be proud ofOve kr has much to be proud ofOve kr has much to be proud ofOve kr has much to be proud ofOve kr has much to be proud of

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Old Part 2 ! @ 08-14-2006, 08:00 AM

If you wouldnt rap, what would you be doing instead?

Famous: i had scholarships and shyt for playin tennis....ima bad muthafuka.....and im even nicer with the pencil.....prolly that or an architect.........

Killa Kaunn: i probaly would be a drug dealing teacher cause i was drug dealing good student and school was fun as hell interacting with the different people and the attitudes of the 10000s of people u come in contact with thats y i think i rap because the shit is such a communication tool to the world and i gots alot to say

T-Flame: well ... thats ah good question ... either working with computers or selling drugs or at home wit my babymother watching my daughter

Who do you want to collab with?

Famous: em, dr. dre, busta rhymes, denaun, obie trice, young jeezy haha, nas, cormega....man i could go on for days..

First Born: Id like to collabo with Rae, Ghost, Meth, Redman, MobbDeep, BustaRhymes, Snoop who's to say
we'll see...

Killa Kaunn: jayz, busta, d12,and the woofpak oh yeah marvwon he is my dude and i luv that ***** flow

T-Flame: eminem, papoose, busta, outkast, dr.dre

Who do you respect in the rapgame and who do you think is a joke?

Famous: everyone who stuck it out thru the struggle and are where they want to be..... ummm....i dont think nones a joke....the game is 10% talent 110% grind.....so if u made it.....*tilts hat* do you...

Killa Kaunn: i respect money makers but i hate wack rappers so if u wack i respect u getting yo money i just really hate that u arewascka s fuck(d4l) u know

T-Flame: respect busta,dre,outkast,jay-z,nas,eminem,50 cent,snoop ... jokes r d4l

What upcomming PG stuff can we expect? Can we expect an album anytime soon?

Famous: yeapp...soon as we heal these wounds you will get an album....

Killa Kaunn: the album is definitley coming and i am working on many projects my self right now also i recently signed jandk productions to a deal wit ironfist records they are 2 of the hottest producers i have encountered in the detroit area u can hit them at www.myspace/onya marx
and we are currently developing trademark sounds with jason and kellzs...so be on the look out for the gangs album tentavely titled benefit of a dollar late this year early 07..i got 2 mixtapes on the way (untitled) and if u purchased or even heard anything off ready to live u know how i am..so expect a gang album and alot more hot shit from iron fist

T-Flame: me and famous skrilla gorilla show mixtape is droping this month ... pg album is slowly coming together ... lots of legal issues wit the label but its cookin

With what producers and other rappers are you working for the album/new mixtape?

Famous: man..lots.....sicknotes, vudu, Mr porter, Co (melody farms), prevail (1 track minds), khrome, Big K.O shyt lots...oh and i do beats....yea...
artist wise....rock bottom, obie trice, d12 lots of other detroit artist........and a few mainstream suprises....

First Born: In the future you can expect production from
Alchemist, DMoet,
MrPorter, BRGunna and SickNotes just name a few...

What are PG's future goals?

Famous: to prosper......

T-Flame: to be rich and carry proofs legacy the way he would have done it..... and stay true to the culture

Killa Kaunn: u can expect proofs album a time to tell the 24 our mixtape to place p in the worlds hall of fame for rap when they c what this man accomplished in 24 hours....u can expect me to continue to grow as a rapper and as a person and show the strenght and leadership that was passed down to me from my surroundings and the people i have been blessed to be surrounded by especially proof.........be on the llok out for my son i have a feeling he will be some tyoe of model or actor his name is syncere he is the baby thats on the cover of ready to live...holla
I.F. To Death As Promised

R.I.P Proof
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watch dees
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watch dees has tight gamewatch dees has tight game

Old Re: New Exclusive Purple Gang Interview ! @ 08-22-2006, 02:28 PM

I thought famous memory of Proof was really cool but so extremely gross! lol They are cool guys..
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Old Re: New Exclusive Purple Gang Interview ! @ 08-23-2006, 10:11 AM

Nice Interview....Propz

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Thumbs down Old 玩flash小游戏 拿现金大奖 @ 04-18-2009, 02:54 AM

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Sad Old All kinds of handbags (5) @ 11-24-2009, 10:11 AM

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Smoke Old heard there opened @ 08-27-2010, 12:34 AM

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