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Old Rellik Vs Mc tek5 @ 09-06-2002, 09:38 PM

No more than 20 bars
5 votes
no bitin dick rydin etc
no dead line jus dont take the blader

Mc ya need to tek five, start a break//
Ya like overflowin toilets this shit ya cant take//
Rellik Vs Mc tek5 shit you spoilt the fixture//
Ill be coming for you like im wanking over ya picture//
Id continue to spit this if it was my last breath//
You must be the grim reapers hubby, ya so close to death//
dope emcees im a factor thriller//
First of im not a rellik im a backwards killeR//
You diss me so you cant riddle grief//
You must have poped 2 E’s because u in the middle of b“ee”f//
You bitch made b’cos a bitch made you be here son//
Yeah you XXXL, you tight to no one//
Spittin a verse?? you just able like cable wid no c//
When it comes to previous battles, you played no one like solitaire //
I drop more frequently than prostitute’s under-wear//
Where ever I go I resituate my thrown and gown//
I bring a end to the week like a night on the town//
To sum it up ya not better than me//
I leave you at the end of life like the letter E//

damn thats dope
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