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I think I know where I stand now
It wasn't planned but somehow
I started making a name for myself
the local legend didn't need no help
At first I was unsure, are they talking about me
how can they be, only a boy of eighteen
Word got around though, it spread so fast
A talented kid, with a difficult past
At last I was coming up, it felt so unreal
I knew how to rhyme, but what was the big deal
A freedom of speech, all I ever knew
staying true to my friends and my crew
I knew, I had power and a good reputation
But all I really had was self-representation
A nation, of poeple who couldn't give a damn
That's when I took a stand, held the mic in my hand
And that's when they all started listening
It was like a congregation at a christening
The screaming fans, shouting 'I love you man'
I coudn't understand, I was taking command
The buzz was amazing, I took it in stride
The pride I felt, I had nothing to hide
My voice, coming out, it was causing an uproar
the commotion, like nothing i'd ever seen before
At the end of the show, left them screaming for encore.
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