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Woo I love this topic!!!

1. Get into the National Honors Society at school
2. Go to college
3. Have something that I wrote published
4. Publish something in the literary magazine at my high school and "wow" everyone
5. Fall in love
6. ^ Rent out a really really nice penthouse one night with that person and just have sex all, that'd be so hot
7. Visit San Jose, Costa Rica
8. Model professionally
9. Perform a solo in one of my recitals or shows
10. Visit Buenos Aires, Argentina
11. Visit Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic
12. Become fluent in Spanish
13. Go back to Italy
14. Visit India
15. Visit Castilla, Spain
16. Further develop my scrapbook
17. Have an apartment all of my own or with a friend of mine by the time I'm at least 17 or 18
18. Sponser a kid in a third world country
19. Make a point
20. Shop at Victorias Secret
21. Learn to cook really really good
22. Learn to salsa dance
23. Go to a club
24. Develop a really tight group of friends
25. Take lots of pictures
26. Visit the Phillipines
27. Go on a huge shopping trip one day all by myself, complete with some time at a spa, all by myself, or maybe with a friend I don't know, either way would be hot
28. Definately want to plan for a boy I love to sneak into my room late at night while everyone's home sleeping and just have him sleep with me all night, and I don't mean sex, I just want to feel him next to me with his arms around me all night long holding me tight
29. Be satisfied with myself
30. Keep my essence.
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~Little baby doll...she doesen't know what to say to yall, the patience are short and of coarse...the pride is way too tall, break it all, smash the past, like it was made of glass, aint no other way to make it last, it watch...Lucy loose a dream, I've had the pleasure of seein our hero kick and scream, and when she calms down...I'll turn the sound down....and put my arms around the little lost and found~
~Hush little lady, don't say a word, or the rest of the village gonna know you're disturbed, and if you let em know that you're vulnerable, then there aint no tellin how far they up and you slow, I'm a chapter in your my like a checkbook...mistook, love at first sight for a sex look~
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