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Old Letter 0.1 @ 04-21-2006, 11:45 AM

i wont gamble with life i let da fuckin cards play
u want fame bitch u can get famous da hard way
i grew up in da hood never in suburbia
"i know if u go in for an interview" white ppl act like dey aint heard of ya
its murder bra minded is just anotha word swepped up under da rug
fine ill go and look 4 anotha job dis 1 aint it at all
sum times i feel like im a darker shade of white
i also get denied like 90% of my daily life
everytime i hit da studio ta grip da mic
da results is anger dats why i aint mentioning nice
i could do poetry but only
ill end up choking myself fully
im a train-wreck dats moving slowly
u cant control me mother couldnt hold me
i aint mature yet cus my maturity stopped growing
im stairing @ a complete stranger "shit" i dont even know me
just ta sum up on wut i know already
i aint going nowhere my foot steps are 2 heavy
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