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What you somking
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I know 7 lawyers that harsh of like my cousin he is stupid he has a bunch of important password he can't remeber them all so what does he do. He putt them a word docement not passworded, I just go sreaching and find i type in johning on sreach. Adn well i opened it up passwords all over the palce. I laugh my head of i sent to my comp and i will password that too. I deleted everythign to teach him not to get on my neveros he is like 2 time bigger but yes america has 80% ok i wa going to school a radio guy asked what mammal lives in the ocean and is the biggest one on earth. A lady calls and says is is a rabbit. My mom nearly crashed. he said no you got 2 more tired then she said is it a crab and for the final is it a snake. Yes that is ture and well i called them my school is 30 mintue drive and said um le me think um this is a hard one i know a whale. I got it right blue whale. he asked me how old i am i said 13 and i am in 7th grade i beat that lady felt really stupid.
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