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What you somking
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Old Good god what will they sue next @ 07-18-2003, 11:12 PM

Damn man some poeple got a lot of time on there hands. Ok i was watching a show the fast foods are getting sued. Why? Not casue they hurt someone, Or that they didn't follow up on some things. Casue they sold good food. Food that poeple liked and it was cheap too. So now they are getting sued for makeing poeple fat me and everyone show it laughed how asses off. Dude you eat to much you get fat. Think man i thought i was stupid. It is like a cheese bunger will maek you fat if you eat 6 a day and have a milk shake with each one. It is like i am so stupid i think food just taste good and won't make me fat. My yonugest cousin who is 3 knows not to eat to much. Well i think it is gay ok we now have to put warnings on fast food to tell poeple it has fat. And can make you fat. Like ladders who reads the waring signs on the ladders i know i don't. See i use something called a brain which some poeple don't seem to have. It is like we need to sue pcs, chairs, game makers, everything that is fun and don't give us a workout casue if we use them to much we don't get the work out we need so we get fat. God damn i sreach for a number or something to support i called them and said boy i want to give a tip food makes you fat if you have to much of it. Now they will start serving apples at toca bell casue the suit said you have to give poeple healtly food. Lucky lawerys i mean i bet if they make it by they get 50,000,000 to 60,0000,0000 in cash. This si so stupid. Like um it would liek sueing the beer companys casue they make beer and poeple drink and drive. I feel like only a few poeple in this world have a brain. What do you think.
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