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Old 20% off at Karmaloop for LIFE @ 11-28-2007, 11:52 PM

Whats up guys...Ive been mostly a lurker for awhile taking the content and using it to make my work days go by faster..However theres to much savings here not to make a post about....I dont know if any of u guys stop at Karmaloop or not but there are codes which u can use for 20% off ur order...they only work once though, the 2nd time u use the code u only get 10% off...this site has like 100 and something random codes which u can click on to place an order..u can always grab that 20% due to the fact u have a list of codes to pick from...ive saved a lot of money so far with them making larger purchases..that 20% makes a difference over the 10% on those orders....Hope atleast a few people can take advantage of this cause there are huge savings right here if u shop a lot like myself...

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