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Shifty Old Waiting On Eminem Beat @ 10-27-2007, 12:18 PM

According to 50 Cent, the second group album from the G-Unit crew, Shoot To Kill, won't be complete until Eminem issues a beat for the project.

During the shooting of his latest video, "I'll Still Kill", 50 revealed to MTV that Shoot To Kill is in its final stages and that he is waiting on a track from Eminem to wrap the album up.

"We gotta work with Em, that's it," said 50. "Then we can be done with it. Production-wise, I captured what I needed. But I didn't want to not have Em's stamp on it. We probably won't get his vocals until he's heard the full body of work and he's excited about it. Before my work [goes to the public], it has to pass the Eminem test, the Dr. Dre test - it's a few tests before we push them to the street. That's why they can expect a higher quality of 50 Cent music than the usual artist."

Swizz Beatz and Timbaland are among the various producers who have contributed to Shoot To Kill. Lil Kim makes an appearance on the album via the song "Wanna Lick", which debuted on Hot 97 last week (Listen To "Wanna Lick").

50 also revealed that his next solo album, Before I Self Destruct, will be out around spring 2008 .

"On my next album, you should expect to not see features [guest appearances] like you saw on Curtis," 50 said. "Before I Self Destruct, it's totally different. That record has a whole 'nother concept. I feel like this sets up the next batch of records. It's got what I really wanna do on it. Plus, it's my fourth album - it fulfills my record obligation to Interscope Records. I'll be a free agent".

Shoot To Kill hits stores in December.
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