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Sad Old What It Do-Crazy Pimp and Baby Chopper @ 08-11-2002, 01:18 PM

Crazy PimP:
Ung What It What It Do When I Throw Dem Damn Bows
I Freestyle On Dem Toads
Hold Up Im Wreckin For My New CD Ride Out vol fuckin 2
If U see me and baby chopper ride
riding chrome on da damn what when he hit the turn
in my 400 lexus
man im representin texas
representin PTB
i dun came down i aint spittin on da screens no mo
im droppin screens in a expedition
if u see me im stuntin hard out da kitchen
what it do imma come down
im representing PT thats a Part Fuckin Town
hold up when im strecthn
im strecthin navagators
i dun came down yall some hoe ass cakaz
hoe ass niggaz
i bust a damn flow
i dun came down im fuckin all deez white hoes

Baby Chopper:
What It Do Chopper Bout Fancy clothes, Gangsta Walkin, ice coverin tha piece and chain
Gun is like an old car- it goes chitty chitty BANG BANG!
So ya betta gaurd ya spleen, I ride with tha hardest team
Went on Bill Cosby's show cus I say tha darndest things
Who wants to step-up ta me, are you willing and able?
Cus Chopper will brake ya like Bubba Ray brakes a table
Got mo shyt then a horse stable, and that's no fable
Made Man Records- I'm Da CEO of dat thowed label
Don't hate cus my team's thowd, Fo' in a cream soda
Bullets will hit ya so hard, it'll prolly dislocate ya shoulda
I left a dent in tha game, and you barely chipped it
Go ahead and put tha mic down, cus Chopper dun ripped it

Crazy PimP:
If U See Me Im Ridin in a fuckin leather
stretch navagator
and fuckin fuckin 20s
i don came down me and baby chopper ridin on 23s
(gettin crunk wit it)
hold up girls suckin on Ds
hold up im rappin on Beats
hold up da damn mic
im flippin like big tiger(tyke)
hold up i hit harder den dat nigga big ron
hold up nigga i got a gun
hold up flick the tongue
hold up nigga u cant rap better den me
im da D-O-goddamn mutherfuckin G
hold up im on the mic thats who i goddamn be
tryin to eat a damn sandwich eat a damn manwhich
hold up la nigga imma wreck on da mic
hold up da dyke
hold up im rappin mo den big tiger(tyke)
hold up lil nigga im always pullin figgaz
if u see me me and chopper gon beatcha

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