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07-12, 10:03 Don Messenger
No matter how many people are promoted to Mods, some things just don't change... Spammers shit on us... R.I.P. EWB, again...
03-12, 13:34 Don Messenger
Upping, spammers...
03-12, 13:34 Don Messenger
03-12, 13:34 Don Messenger
"D.O.N. & Illmortal - From Violence To Silence"
23-11, 14:22 Don Messenger
Feed', y'all...
23-11, 14:21 Don Messenger
23-11, 14:21 Don Messenger
DON: Another Bomb [Keystyle]
15-10, 15:29 Don Messenger
It will be 2 AM over here in 4 hours, but we'll see, bro'... Peace...
15-10, 15:28 Don Messenger
In fact, a few of them might be still out there bleeding to death
15-10, 15:27 Don Messenger
Hell yeah
15-10, 15:26 Don Messenger
Shiiit, I just asked Kari for a chance to kill a few spammers... And so I fucking did, man...
15-10, 15:23 Don Messenger
Yo, Donnie, my man
13-10, 16:08 Don Messenger
I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about here...
13-10, 15:47 Don Messenger
Hynkel: You wouldn't really spit on my food, would you...? Because you don't know what I'm actually eating...
13-10, 15:46 Don Messenger
g0d: I sometimes need a proxy... Some connection problems and shit...
13-10, 15:26 Don Messenger
I used a proxy to post it on RF too, but now I can't access the site at all... Not normally and not through a proxy... Fucked up... But thank God for EWB...
13-10, 15:25 Don Messenger
Thanks, man, I appreciate it
13-10, 15:07 Don Messenger
And Diatribe, Hynkel and whoever is there... Leave some feedback... It's sick...
13-10, 15:05 Don Messenger
Check that one out, g0d
13-10, 15:04 Don Messenger
13-10, 15:04 Don Messenger
"I'm Back [Keystyle] - Don Messenger"
13-10, 15:04 Don Messenger
10-10, 16:28 Don Messenger
I'm thinking about giving my penis a name... Any suggestions...?
10-10, 16:00 Don Messenger
How are you doing ?
10-10, 14:20 Don Messenger
Welcome me back, motherfuckers...


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