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23-08, 00:32 Donnie-Darkflow
cool thanx DTribe
28-07, 22:44 Donnie-Darkflow
man miss the site slaughterhouse is dope croocked i, joe budden, royce, joell..best shit out.....leaders of the lost, dope as fuck, man tymez are changing....aye i wish the best to all of yall
12-07, 20:58 Donnie-Darkflow
this site sucks eminem killed it on recovery....an no one comes back to clean up thge site...thanx lonnie recovery was one of his best work ever
30-05, 11:24 Donnie-Darkflow
recovery tracklist looks very gay...pffft
14-04, 00:34 Donnie-Darkflow
ur dumb im dumb every bodyz dumbin out
12-04, 19:52 Donnie-Darkflow
yeah yeah whuts crackin yallz
17-03, 12:47 Donnie-Darkflow
cant wait for the new relapse man he killed it on drop the world made wayne look shitty, not hard to do but he killed it
25-01, 21:19 Donnie-Darkflow
shizzzzzzzzzit has hit the fan
13-01, 17:59 Donnie-Darkflow
13-01, 17:59 Donnie-Darkflow
yeah check out there myspace
11-01, 20:24 Donnie-Darkflow
11-01, 20:24 Donnie-Darkflow
gona be doin stuff with theze cats
11-01, 20:22 Donnie-Darkflow
im gona hopefully doin shows in the near futcher...finaly got in to a rap group.....an might be wiyh dangous pirate records
11-01, 20:19 Donnie-Darkflow
WI is getting attion...fukin keybord..lol
11-01, 20:19 Donnie-Darkflow
the kool thang bout that is W
11-01, 20:17 Donnie-Darkflow
heard your maken beats fo Tommy
11-01, 20:17 Donnie-Darkflow
shit jus chillin at my girls crib...an i moved to milwaukee
11-01, 20:15 Donnie-Darkflow
how you doin holmz
11-01, 20:14 Donnie-Darkflow
11-01, 20:14 Donnie-Darkflow
RF is hacked pffft
11-01, 20:14 Donnie-Darkflow
WOW!!!!!!!! more spam then ever
11-01, 20:13 Donnie-Darkflow
11-01, 20:13 Donnie-Darkflow
that sadi devil crew sux ball sacks
08-01, 20:15 Donnie-Darkflow
yo..whuts good
18-11, 17:55 Donnie-Darkflow
how bout yah celph homie


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