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09-23-2003, 01:12 PM
Motor City Motor-Mouth: Obie Trice got help from fellow Detroiter Eminem.

Just because Emimen's latest protégé - Obie Trice - hasn't been shot nine times like his predecessor 50 Cent doesn't mean you should take him any less seriously.
"Well, I've been shot at a few times," Trice offers. "But they always missed."

Not to worry. Trice has all the street cred he needs, given his alignment with hip hop's ultimate "it couple": Eminem and Dr. Dre. The duo produced Trice's debut CD, "Cheers," which hits stores today. It's a somewhat lighter affair than 50's "Get Rich or Die Tryin'," but it shares with Eminem a politically incorrect, comic bent.

The lead single, "Got Some Teeth," imagines a world in which every woman the rapper meets has the same ruinous dental history as Moms Mabley. "That was just me clownin' with Eminem in the studio late one night," he explains. "We were trying to find a new way of saying the chicks aren't good-looking."

The rapper has a history of spinning such fancifully rude tales. The piece that first grabbed Eminem's attention three years ago was a homemade track called "Well-Known A--hole." "People in the neighborhood used to always call me that," the emcee says, "so I figured I'd go with it."

The 'hood in question was the bullet-ridden Detroit area known as Seven Mile and Greenfield. Growing up there, Trice drifted into a common rap training ground: crack dealing. "I was never good with authority at regular jobs," he explains.

He quit his illegal ways in 2000, inspired by the birth of an out-of-wedlock daughter, and put his ill-gotten gains into pressing his own rap singles. They earned enough local buzz to nab the attention of MC Bizarre, from Eminem's D12 posse, who passed it along to the white rapper. Trice snagged a five-minute audition and thought he'd never hear from the icon again. But two weeks later, Eminem called and soon enough the protégé had a cameo on "The Eminem Show" and a record deal. Trice also appeared in the movie "8 Mile," though, he says, "Blink and you missed me."

Trice decided to use his real name for his debut CD, a rarity among rappers. "I want you to know this is coming from a real person," he explains.

A real person, but one who hasn't emerged yet from his mentor's long shadow. In one song on the album, "S--t Hits the Fan," Trice puts down Ja Rule - who's actually 50's enemy. "I don't want to take on 50's beef," he says. "But then Ja Rule said stuff about Eminem's daughter and I felt I had to say something back."

And one good shot deserve another, doesn't it?

Originally published on September 23, 2003

source: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/story/119871p-108000c.html

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