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07-27-2002, 11:17 AM
What's up?,

I went to the Anger Management Tour last night in Jones Beach, NY. The concert was so phat >> Lord Sear was the "circus leader" of the Eminem Show which opened up with an Intro of clips off CNN and other news chanells of political leaders, such as, Senators and Congressmen, talking about hip-hop music and Eminem ... and then "Square Dance" was throw on >> the place just f**kin errupted. The Stage set up was hot, much better than past shows >> because I have video of Em performing in Canada and across the US around the time "The Slim Shady LP" came out. Also, D12 came through with Bizarre flashing his gut and MC Proff stood in my seat, no lie, while "When The Music Stops" came on and then moved away when his vereses came on ... so hot, he gave dap to my friend and the guard held me back >> looked like Bizarre's twin with muscles. I got there right after Ludacris was signing off with "Move Bitch" and i don;t care much for Papa Roach, so i chugged some beers down. Also, Jay-Z made an appearance and the back up singer of "Superman" and "Pimip That Bitch" (Devil's Night) performed and Eminem dance with her >> she has some messed up teeth.

I bought a D12 shirt, but the real shirt I wanted was this blue Eminem Tour t-shirt -- sold out! If anyone can get concert tee's ... holla at me. My AIM handle is hovah0304 and/or e-mail me with details -- especially if you can get the concert tee.

"...Because I can't be your superman ..."


07-28-2002, 12:33 AM