View Full Version : DISScontent vs. dilema420

05-11-2003, 01:55 AM
aight 20 lines firs t 50 wins and 3-0 is a ko. good luck.

05-11-2003, 01:56 AM
disscontent, i got the conecpt, to make u mindless/
soon as u hear this, u fear this, u spineless/
when it comes to packin heat, u as cold as the north pole/
im from the streat dawg, i pack a whole fuckin arsenal/
i pack, gats, and macs, to blow fake rapper back/
like blast from the past, u better watch ya back/
im droppin ur words off the page while u spitten/
its like that shit was neva even written/
u like a bitch dawg, u a dime a dozen/
the sound of my gun cockin got ya runnin/
u down to talk shit, but aint down to empty the clip/
cuase u a pussy, u like jarule, u aint spittin shit/
u ja, im fifty, cause when i see u the mess wont be pretty/
ill spray u brains to the next city, i dun told u before i dont show pity/
please man dont test my mentality/
ill make ur worst nightmares reality/
this rap shits mine and dont ever forget/
ill simplify this if its to complex/
this is my only warnin to ya, im crazy/
come to jersey and see hus mo shady/

there yag go. goodluck.