View Full Version : biblazinblunts vs. jkilla

05-06-2003, 07:13 PM
im spittin this shit to exspose ur lies
im doin this shit to open up ur eyes
just like a fat chick that won't spread her thighs
all u gotta do is feed her bread and pies
jp u crazy to go against me
i know im everything u wanna be
u smell worse than a mexican bathroom
u really need to buy a bottel of videll sasoon
u think u can skate but ur styles so wack
wooaah man u smell like a dirty butt crack
its funny cuz the shit u spit is fiction
my shits fact and thats the final decison
cuz i known u for 2 years i lived in the same town
and all this shits true ,just ask corey brown
im gonna slice u once with a carefull incision
what falls out will make u loose ur vision
jp u know i know some funny shit about u
i got a big dick hows about u
o thats right i heard u got a little chode
amanda said that shit looked like a toad
thats the bitch that u denided fuckin
cuz before u stuck it in u started bustin
jp u know ur reppin the streets of mashpee
how come ur raps don't make any sense b
its ok jp u look like ur 12 years old
listen to wayne and do wut ur told(his dad)
u say u get pussy day after day
u shouldn't lie nigga u know wut ill say
ur just a little nigga trying to get play
but u never will cuz ur a straight up gay
i heard about u and ur butt pluggin
the dicks is the only thing that u be lovin
im done rippin ur stinky ass till next time
i can't wait to see ur wack ass rhyme

jp spit ur shit when ur ready
then every one vote 3-0 ko first to 5 wins

explain ur vote some feedback 2

05-09-2003, 11:31 PM
yo jp im given u till sunday to spit or its a choke on ur part uve had almost a week

05-11-2003, 01:55 PM
jp this battle is a choke ive given u a week and u still havn't spit u keep sayin ur gonna spit ur gonna spit but u havn't so i win
peace out nigga