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05-04-2003, 01:31 AM
lets do some spitten. what ya say

05-04-2003, 11:18 AM
Set it up and drop but lets make it a longer verse at least 50 lines what do you think??? I am like a boxer who likes a bigger ring to work in.

YO DOG I GOT AN IDEA. I love to play off peoples verses BUT apparently in here that is a big NO NO.

I have noticed you usally like to post more then one verse. SO LETS TRY SOMETHING NEW I will drop first YOU can play off my verse as much as you like. Then drop a second verse that I can play off of. So it would go like this
I don't care if peeps in here want to vote on a battle like that or not BUT it will be fun! what do you think???

05-04-2003, 11:38 AM
lets do this. yeah drop one

05-04-2003, 12:13 PM
I guess I will drop first either way IF you want just one verse say so. But I wiould rather have a little fun with this.

I'm seeing red you bitch your dead, Im gonna put your head to bed.
I could spit a fuking book you wouldn't hear what I said.
My shit is deep, you went and stepped in it cause your kicks are cheap.
But now I am pissed so to your house at night I'll creep.
Roll down the street with the lights off in my jeep.
you freak your weak! FUK ! I just broke my leg on your steps THEY'ER TOO STEEP.
NOW I 'M PISSED, I m gonna slash your wrists, DAMN I forgot my KNIFE! Fuk it, I 'll beat you down with my fists.
Yo it was my ass your sister kissed.
in that letter I mailed, it was rigged to explode but the damn thing FAILED!
Now I'm gonna nail your balls to the walls, to oppisite corners of the room.
and bang them shts witha broom, BANG ZOOM.
they will call you ALICE when I cut off your phallce.
Thats a dick you prick, I should just shoot your ass ^CLICK^.
DAMN it no AMMO, I'll pull a Batman and punch you like BLAMO!
Or pull a ROBYN and use a SIDEKICK, I'm like the stunts in a Jackie Chan flick ^SICK^!
Like a Spanish Girls hips QUICK when I spit, My tounge tricks could get HEATHER HUNTER ^slick when I LICK^, aren't you dating that Natile chick?
No not PORTMAN, the PORTLY one from facts of life, I heard you was sleeping with george bush's wife,
go on playa keep on thinking your living the life.
Cause afetr tonight the only people that might fight for the right to turn on your heart light.
Are some homeless homosexual bums you just might fight for the right to get at your ass while it's still tight.
and OH no don't think they'll ask please, They'll just punch you in your gut, shove you to your hands and knees.
and RAPE your punk ass by two and threes.
and pretty soon you'll be gargling cum while to your sisters house I run to have fun.
Her clit is like a guitar string that I strum with my tounge son.

Oh what?!?! That wasn't enough for you? Your done with the Bums and want more you little whore you?
No problem I'll throw you to my dogs I'm sure they'll adore you.
They love eating pussys I feed um cats by the dozens.
I heard you and that kid from different strokes wuz cousins.
you know the one who beat up vanilla ice.
I should take you both on so I could look twice as nice.
I'd beat both you washed up wanna be losers hands down you clown.
and turn the whole worlds frowns upside down with my sound.
you know it's funny at least he was famous, your only claim to fame is.
being butt buddies with that actor John Stamos ( stamis)
I did you mom, and when I did she licked my ANUS.
when me and my krew get together nothing can restrain us.
the dalls cowboys Cheerleaders got together to gangbang us.
Oh It was hard work but some body had to do it.
I just whipped it out started fuking and hoped I'd get through it.

Now I better stop before I blow my top, and go insane OR pop a vein or pull a sword out my cane.
I am flippin ya'll think I am trippin
big ups to the M I just had to let that slip in.
need to check my oil cuz the gears in my head are overheatin.
need to open my head and let a doctor take a peek in.

LOL I am going crazy yall. I wrote this late last night AND I think my brain was fried.
WELL ( Whorid ) I MEAN horrid. there it is. YOU can either PLAY off that one all you want and then post another that I can PLAY off of or just post one verse and we will go straight up.

05-04-2003, 12:26 PM
I choose this one, its long so wait up.

05-04-2003, 02:00 PM
fuck batman -n- blamo/
im usin live ammo/
watch out for my front porch/
theres a blow torch stuck to the front doors/
-n- the steps were designed to bust through the floor/
since you only got fists -n- misplaced yer knife/
I'll place min right in yer eyes/
and that clay mold of my sister, just a clever disquise/
jackie chan copies my stunts I herd hes got spies/
oh -n- you know that guitar string that you strum/
thats just the wax runnin off son/
whats this about my heart light?/
you needa get your bark right!/
couldnt spit a verse if you had a mafia guy/
at yer side with a sharp knife/
The cheerleaders are all lesbians/
-n- saw yall dressed up in drag/
with fag written all over yer back/
so they rushed -n- attacked/
in fact that was the first back you ever had in the sack/
I'll stick a knife in yer flesh n fillet it the best/
i can -n- cook it up fresh, its best to test when its dressed with lettuce/
gonna stick six inch incisions in yer neck with sissors/
hang you upsidedown -n- watch the blood rush right down/
like a snake that slithers/
meta4s are my thing/
and abortion is great/
just wait as long as you can so that whore feels the pain/
hell! they always say pain's the name of the game/
white guys are rednecks -n- black guys niggers/
-n- if yer white -n- wanna be black then we call you a wigger/
but missin somethin down below thats bound to be bigger/

ok I'll stop there
I'll get another one ready in a while aight

05-04-2003, 02:16 PM
Dude I am impressed! People in here should take note. it only took him two hours to come back on that! Why can't more people be like that!!!
NOW I will say that if you come back with another today I MIGHT not get to it until tommorow because I have a final tommorow in abnormal psyc. and I HAVE to do well.
BUT I will get back quick

Great job by the way

05-05-2003, 11:20 AM
hey dog i''ll put a post up by tonight, my step dad is a bitch about lettin me use this computer, so im gonna go to a homies pad. late

05-05-2003, 06:37 PM
the mic get frightened when it sees me writin/
stay up all night just me the light n some vicodin/
try again, my verses are like a sin/
I like the gin when fighten men/
but you aint no man so hold em up kid/
ill get a van n run you over like a fuckin mold kid/
yer rhymes dont matter/
you rap about hamburger buns n cake batter/
i rhyme bout skeletons fallin off straight latters/
with a dagger in his back pocket/
cant get in the back hatch cause dad locked it/
post a battle n I'll rock it/
fearless like davy crocket/
flawless like hershey chocolate/
youll be screamin mercy knock it off/
gilligan n the crew dont like you/
heard you on the radio n broke it off/
you smoke shit that comes outa ho's clit trouph/
n suck dick like a toke hit when the resins soft/
you rap like a pc with no hard drive/
then you see me at a hard night/
at a battle club leavin scar'd guys standin with marked eyes/
when the doc took a peek at your brain/
all he saw was fart lines wit no punchlines/
when he checked mine he started to cut n i exploded/
i guess too much pressure to hold it/
my metaphores are golden im never foldin/
I kept the excess then sold it/
i'll tie a tie around your thigh/
flip u upsidedown then try/
to pry your stomach through your eye/
im a poisenous cookie/
say hey kid lookie/
n when hes not looking/
rape his mom for some nookie/
i'll scalp you like indian bob chief/
put a hole through your heart n call you shishkabob beef/
throw yer flesh in a blender/
blend it up till its tender/
serve it up to your best friend lester/
get your bitch molester n all/
sneak in yer hall wit a fist fulla lead/
one in yer chest n one in your head/
lay you to rest in a puddle a red/
permanent bed this rap clown is dead/

here youll have to use this, i dont gotta lota time. yeah i realize its kinda bland. hey yo, i like battlin your shit though

05-05-2003, 07:09 PM
wack wack wack wack WACK!!!!

05-06-2003, 07:59 PM
Yo I just read your verse I will get back at you soon! It my be one day but no more! I have a fifteen minute presentation on thursday and have to provide visual aids so I am pretty busy.

05-08-2003, 01:16 AM
cant wait to see diss's second verse first verse was very impressive hopefully this one will be ill to.

05-10-2003, 01:04 AM
Yo I am here Finally I swear this has been the worst week Four finals BUT anywho I am just now starting my verse it is 12:02 here and I will post as soon as I am done.

05-10-2003, 02:07 AM
nice vereses lookin foward to disscontentcs drop. and horridmetta4 i got a battle open in minefields i already spit get back to me when ya can and disscontent i wanna know if wanna battle holla.

05-11-2003, 02:06 AM
OKAY I am ready ( can you say ABOUT TIME )
I know I took WAY too long on this one But I swear I wasn't writin this whole time.

The mic ain't frightened son it's just your bad breath
take vicodin or battle me, Either way you chose death
whats that you like gin when your taken on men ???
does it help kill the taste when they Bust nuts on your chin???
everywhere I go bums ask where you been!
they say they liked the feel of your baby soft skin.
Where do you get off calling me kid.
your weak ass ain't dreamed half the shit I done did.
the only thing falling is your skill level from verse 1 to verse 2
come on kid hamburgers n cake batter ??? is that the best you can do
Oh and check it in case you forgot
davy crocket was fearless BUT the dumb ass got shot!
You should be too for the rhyme crime you committed
I wouldn't be as mad if I thought you was dimwitted.
Too many MCs making up words thier just lame
Clit trouph and ablabbeeker's the same
clit trouph if it's a real word as you claim
fuk it I'm stupid and you deserve to claim fame
clit trouph? where the hell did you find that word?
OH I know it's kinda like the phleembeezer redheaded helicopter bird!
No? where did you get it you illiterate prick.
did you hear it in some cheesy porno flick?
or did it just pop out of your headstick?
headstick isn't a word either
, but you did it why can't I ...um ether
there that last line rhymed it had ether at the end.
what??? you mean I can't make the lines twist and bend.
Can't shove a word in at the end of a line
just so I can make the line rhyme?
if thats how you wanna play it well fine
you do it your way I'll do it mine
your way is stupid mine is devine
ALRIGHT this multi is stupid I think that it's time
to shine a little more light on your lyrical crime.
I should hit over the head with a whosamahwhatsit
or better yet kick you in the balls with a whatsamaclutchit.
thats a boot, I made it up, ain't that fair
check it a slingeldoorfthingymajobbers a chair
don't believe me use spell check, WHAT? it's not there?
Well screw you it's real ask my dad if you dare, hell stomp out your guts and scream I DON"T CARE
in kindergarden they tried to teach him to share, he just punched the teacher and pulled out her hair.
ALRIGHT, OKAY, I know I'm just pissed.
But check it for real I'm about to start a list.
of weak ass MCs who can't get the gist
like thier heads in a fog or they'er lost in a mist
you need to pop the bubble on your neck it's a CIST

Little timmy in whoville heard your wack rhymes
and said I should stab you with some salad fork tynes
if you ask me it's a sign of the times
when a kid is writing but can't read his own lines
you can't read um, don't even say that you can
when words in your verse aren't real words man
OOPS that was wack how I put man at the end
but oh well half the people in here who vote won't spend
the time that it takes to get to this line
but oh well thats cool no matter what I'll be fine.

OH MY I need to stop that will have to do man I started rambling a little. OKAY IF ANYBODY doesn't think I should be DQd for taking so long lets get some votes

05-11-2003, 02:14 AM
bot good heres how i chose
flow- disscontent
punches - discontent

vote disconten
discontent had way better flow horrid didn't really flow
weak punchlines rom horrid no multies

so my vote gos to disscontent nice shit dawg peace

05-11-2003, 02:23 AM
yea horrid u gotta work on ur flow and u def gotta come wit harder punchlines. other then that was a very good battle.


05-11-2003, 02:33 AM
2-0 uppin for more votes

Thanks for the positive feed back!

05-11-2003, 02:48 AM
uppin yo just trying to get some votes

05-12-2003, 01:12 PM

05-12-2003, 01:35 PM
yo...this was a very long/ good battle...both emcees showed potential but diss just flowed better and hit harder...


05-14-2003, 11:25 PM
OKAY I HAVE BEEN PUTTING OFF callin this one. I was kinda hoping horrid would come back in and make a comment, since I did take a while to come back. It is 3-0 but we didn't really state that 3-0 was a KO in here ( I checked ) BUT I think from the way the votes went I won. If horrid wants to talk about it I am willing to listen.