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07-18-2002, 01:45 AM

The soundtrack to the straight to video Bobby Digital movie managed to be one of my personal favorites... Am I the only person who loves this album, or even considers it one of the best Wu-solos?

I rank 'em like -

1.) Cuban Linx
2.) Liquid Swordz
3.) Bobby Digital: In Stereo
5.) don't feel like thinking right now...

Despite the seemingly overwhelming unpopularity of RZA's MC'ing (my favorite MC, but I'm not blind to other opinions), it still had everything the best early Wu-solos had - Hot RZA production, the MC was still on point, mad Wu-Tang guest spots, diveristy/originality... etc

I admire the production, even if it was only for the fact that RZA built every beat from scratch, at a time when he and Wu were anti-rap and bullshit - ie: blatant and unchanged sampling, pop R&B integration, and so on.

A few tracks are unlistenable, the rest are a handful of good, and a handful of excellent. RZA just goes off on shit... and often.

Mantis, Lab Drunk, Fuck What You Think... this is that john blaze shit that harkens back to RZA verses like 4th Chamber, Hellz Wind Staff, Duck Seazon, and Dangerouz Mindz.

"Rhyme star, I write a hundred thousand dollar bar
My ten strike combo deletes your power bar
Dr. Octopus tentacles, sing a simple song
Bob Digital instrumental, nothing's indentitcal
You biter, non-writer, Mr. Potato Head Ore-Ida
Deep-fried cringle cut, one single cut
fucks your whole LP up
You must be stupid you liar...
I'm the purifier, live wire, hip-hop reviver
A suicide mission you're committin, goin' against the Wu-Tang henchmen
Perfect precision marksman, spit darts an', flip charts an'
Archery, shots aimed at your heart then
"Daft the" Duckest, we still Bring Da Motherfuckin Ruckus
Project Killa Hill be the buckest
Smoke blunts drink Bud Light beer wit Buzz Lightyear
Went from here to infinity for them white hair
Bobby Digital, overthrow your whole citadel
Mista pitiful, your whole rap style's dispicable
Undernourished, your shit cannot flourish
Cherish every moment of his love before you perish
Bitch, chicka chicka chich - watch me switch
Lookin for a bird, I can hitch, into your atmosphere
Dig your pussy out like a paphsmere
Make you smile, at the same time crack a tear
Smack ya rear, vagina saliva, Trojan wear, rough rider
Up inside ya, thick applehead, opens up your clit wider
Taste the apple cider, you become strong, then become a prider
(Bobby Bobby Bobby, Digi Digi Digi)
Stuck to your ass like a Victoria's Secret wedgie"

Bobby Did It is one of the most viscious beats RZA's ever done IMO.

Versatility even... Love Jones is so damn relaxing, Domestic Violence is one of a kind (even next to the sequel), My Lovin' Is Digi is like a foreshadowing of a beat like Brooklyn Babies, and the Bobby Digital concept is like taking Liquid Swordz and smahing it into Kool Kieth.


07-18-2002, 04:04 PM
i dont have 2many wutang albums.. i have
killah priest-heavy menatl
sunz of man-tha last shall be first
gza-liquid swords
wu tang albums grow on you an dget better and better evrytyme you hear them.. IMO
im gonn aget sum more wu albums.... prolly cuban linx or enter tha wu

07-18-2002, 07:45 PM
i've been dlin a few Wu albums recently, i bought this one a while back, its a solid album, but it dont got nothing spectacular on it that makes me wanna put it back in my cd player an keep listenin....

i got his other solo 'Digital Bullet' the other day, have yet to check it out