View Full Version : fuck soilder and this board

01-01-2003, 08:28 AM
your dads dead
i hung tha mother fucker in my sleep
i used my steeled toe to brake your sisters teeth
like the shit im spittin is deep
and i got fucken slured speach
this is a motha fucken win for me
how the fuck can your self an enemy
your more like an advisarie
you say you got bitches saying marry me
all i hear is take care of me
when im finished with you
all these mother fuckers gonna be dareing me
to say shit
there going to pick and pick
like a group of fucken chicken
always fucken bitchen about me being a fucken prick
you know your mom i'll fuck that dirty trick
useing no condom
that means bare dick
to bare pussy
all i need is one word from you
and that'll push me
to saying fuck this board there all fucken wussy's
eatin there mom's pussy's
gettin on there nees beggin please
i say ok but soilder suck my dick with ease