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06-11-2002, 06:02 PM
NBA Courtside 2002

This is the best basketball game I've ever played!!
With create a player, edit rosters, full season and the whole new arcade 3 on 3 game and special 3 point shooting game the options are great!

The stats are followed well and the commentators are actually ok for a sports game.

Here's where the difference comes in!
Blocks are dope as you smash the ball down, steals are realistic and the whole NBA Jam super high dunking is dropped for realistic dunks BUT the nba jam style dunks still excist on the arcade mode meaning this game has everything you could ask for out of a basketball game.
It's graphics are amazing and the flow of the game is smooth and realistic. It's a definate buy for basketball fans with a gamecube!!


Luigis mansion

Its a good game and very original making it interesting. The graphics are very good and the gameplay is smooth. Only let down is it is too easy.
You have to collect 50 boo's to complete the game fully and defeat king boo bowser. Luckily despite it being so easy the mansion is reworked when you have completed it so that items are found in different places giving the game a small bit more of lastibility but still not enough to make you want to play it for months.


Fifa 2002

I've never liked the fifa games much. They are too easy, the play is unrealistic and it just lacks in alot of departments for me - thats my opinion though. I much prefer ISS 2



This game is hard at first but the more you play it the better it gets, passing is realistic, along with the fact diving headers and bycicle kicks are not common and are actually rare scored goals. The graphics are not eye popping but they are better than most playstation 2 games and the quality of the level of play is awsome!
Tackles look good and players stumble and fall realistically when fouled. Also the free kicks are fun to take unlike on fifa.
Small problem is the fact there is no master league like on ISS on the PS2 meaning it doesnt have the interesting lastability.
Luckily soccer changes each time you play it anyway making this the best soccer game on the gamecube so far



I played this briefly and it was really good. Sonic is getting old but they always manage to pump some life into the old blue hedgehog! The graphics are flawless and VERY fast making it eye poppingly cool to watch. This is definetly a fun game.
The fact you can connect to the gameboy advance is always a plus too and the whole chao babys thing is fun dispite being childish lol!

Star Wars Rogue squadron

This game is dope. Graphics are amazingly smooth, no pop ups what so ever and the levels are detailed!
It's a little hard at times because of the sheer amount of control you have but it's definetly got a very high lastibility!!
There are hard things to do and unlock making the game interesting for hardcore gamers and the amount of attention put in to give you the realistic star wars feel is great!


Monkey ball

I havent played much of this but it is an addictive game from what I have played. Monkey bowling is funny and the races are fast and very cool. I can't say much as I havent had a real good look but from what I can see its a good game if you are bored!


Super Smash Bros Melee

This game is dope!!!

The old energy bar has been dropped so it is not a matter of just decreasing the bar. Now there is a % that increases which the higher it go's the further your charecter flys when hit! The stages have places you can fall off and interact with which makes fights interesting and also there are hundreds of items/weapons that fall onto the screen.
There are tons of things to do like the classic mode where you have a standard beat em up set up with some bonus stages inbetween. Then there is adventure mode where you take your charecter through fights and some nintendo world levels like the mushroom kingdom, Zelda's maze and the f-zero track where you can be hit by cars driving at speeds of 600kph.
There are also small bonus stages, a huge amount of vs modes and the very addictive trophy collecting bonus added in the game.
Trophy's can be found in adventure mode, won on the lottery machine which takes coins that you earn in different modes and even by winning certain fights etc.
There are tons of hidden charecters and the controls are simple making the game very addictive.

The only reason this game doesnt get full marks is because it may get tiresome if you have completed the game and don't have alot of friends to play it with.



I bought this game today because a few people have been going on about how great it is..... :hmm: well it's not!!!
It's basically the same thing that was on playstation only with better graphics and it's based on the movie not the comic!
The camera's are awful, it has VERY poor lastability, it's waaaaaaay to repetative and it's very jerky when your playing it!
The only good thing in this game is the web slinging around big area's but that gets boring soon enough.
Gamecube has yet to release a game that I hate but this one is getting there VERY fast!!

I will without a doubt be trading it in for waverace tommorrow with my 7 day no satisfaction guarentee!!

A big no no for true gamers!


06-11-2002, 06:38 PM
I will drop a reveiw of ssx tricky which comes out friday i think (i hope)

06-12-2002, 08:37 AM
WaveRace Blue Storm

Waverace is without a doubt the best water sports game ever made! The water reacts realisticly and the surroundings and physics are the game have been tuned to perfection!
The races are fast and furious (no no the movie :mad: ) and the stunts are fun.
Sometimes the controls can be a bit hard to remember because there are so many of them but in time you pick it up even if it's slightly irritating at times.
Overall this game is fun and a good laugh on multiplayer making it a cool


06-12-2002, 09:24 AM
nice reviews. harsh on Fifa2002, i dont really like that game either tho, Pro Evolution Soccer for the ps2 (only console i got) is the best football game

06-12-2002, 10:46 AM
Originally posted by Kev
nice reviews. harsh on Fifa2002, i dont really like that game either tho, Pro Evolution Soccer for the ps2 (only console i got) is the best football game nah not harsh. honest. If I told ppl fifa was good they may go out and buy it and miss out on iss

06-12-2002, 02:58 PM
dope reviews spike i gotta pick up my gc soon

06-13-2002, 11:47 AM
Originally posted by hellbound
dope reviews spike i gotta pick up my gc soon :eek: You dont have one???!!!
bad hellbound!! :mad: :p