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11-18-2002, 03:22 AM
Just the shit from the cypher that turned into a battle... -

Originally posted haydude
yo guy, lets put this 4 verse battle in mine fields
and get some votes for who wins, k?

it's fair to assume... you think that battlin' me is fair ~
until I make atmospheric contact and my rap depletes the air//
I leave you bare... strip your skin to the bones
you fools can't understand me even in the most simple of tones
i'm in the zone, on some shit - now if that ain't the truth
...'cause the closest I've been to gay... was battlin' you
I'm like "Hey Dude" 'cause on that `old Nick`... I'm a Weapon
my competition Zero,,, the Double U Zee, bitch - no question ~
~ no stressin'//my fluid expression...
is blessed with luminescence, all ya body fluids lessen
when I take it to the essence, the only cat who can flow that
is me, I keep your genesis in my palms... like a Nomad

little ninja, the only way u makin "atmospheric contact" is if im sendin u there/
my rhymes swallow up ur air, pop ur head and leave u gaspin for one last prayer/
well, think of me as the answer-but i have a hurtful affect/
lucky for u, ur battlin aint "stressin" the truth, cuz u far from perfect/
if skill is in the centre of the earth-then u r at the edge of the universe/
and ur shit keeps gettin worse, cuz u only know one way to converse/
ur rhymes r gettin sloppy, no one can read them-the flows choppy/
quit-tryin-to-copy--shits-so-floppy, sounds like u need a new fuckin hobbie/
let me teach yo ninja ass some karate/
i go "Hi-Ya" over your body and u begin to see what i embody/
my linguistical fluids drip over your eyes to blind you/
u think ur competition is zero, u cant see me-im standin behind you/
well, just turn the fuck around/
that "double U see" is cuz ur on the ground/

son, don't fuck around ~ 'cause I couldn't touch the ground
if I was riced with a body kit... and I dropped it down
yo, I gots to clown//...and give you severe Coulrophobia
just look at you... you view the pride parade as the new Utopia
metaphorically over ya - something your style just-isn't up to
I don't know what you call that shit... but it wasn't rebuttal
I'm Nothin' but Trouble, like that first movie Pac was in...
my finishin move split you in two - like the flags of Yugoslovians
I don't consider it a hobby to BOMB you like Afghanistan
...and how am I seein' double?//'cause ALL I see is a half-a-man
for real, kid, you shouldn't even speak on copycats
that was semi-weak... forget half - that shit is quasi-ass
put you to a polygraph, it's just the truth of who's better
dissin' you has got me gassed... like Jews and goose steppers
most assuredly, I'll put it in versus mode - just you and me//
the flow is certainly perfect... consider my verse your eulogy

fortunately ur rhymes r like home made bombs-their easy to diffuse/
ur verse sounds like its from a home-eulogy kit-find somethin better to use/
u say ur nothin but trouble-but maybe ur just nothin at all/
im double trouble-even durin my funeral, ill stand-up with rebuttal/
u may think ur metaphorically higher-ur floatin like a butterfly/
i could litterally kill u with my hands-wash u on low and hand-dry/
the polygraph results came back all the way from america/
pac and everyone said ur copyin us like mother fuckin canada/
infact, u copy so much, u tried to pass off a midget's autobiography as ur own/
im only half-a-man, but im double u and i aint even fully grown/
just u and me? not a chance-not even if u say pretty please/
u fuckin fagget, no wonder ur so small-ur always on ur knees/
it reminds u of ur preppy childhood-u kept gettin looks/
let me explain-there aint no such thing as half way crooks/

Nah, I ain't feelin' that, I'm just... too rough to touch -
the Shook Ones line got flipped in 8 Mile... but you fucked it up
if I float like a butterfly... that means I sting like a bee...
like Mohammad Ali, just remember that you said it... not me
no apologies/neeeded 'cause ain't a single word affect me
just try not to quote me... if you can't flip my verse correctly
I mean seriously... kids like you should-be patrollin' malls
son... don't come back until you've "fully grown" some balls
//yeah I DID get all the looks... it's a genetic resemblance ~
to God by direct descent & inheritance of kinetic assemblance
...which in metaphorical senses... is a theory on creation//
I'm both cause and events - I lead to your very insemination
bet you got "double trouble" wonderin' what I'm touchin' on
basically all that means, son... is-that-I fucked your mom
what the fuck you on?//...that was mad inconsistent
'cause as far as set up lines... your punches have no assistance

u aint feelin that, cuz u aint got no feelin left-u numb/
sorry genius, i dont need assistance-one punch and now u dumb/
u mean u sting like a "bumble bee"-like u think ur a ringer/
u try and immitate what were doin, but u aint got no stinger/
u may look like God-but im constructed exactly like him, but a man/
on the outside u similar, but where it counts-its obvious u werent apart of his plan/
the man gave me all his power and renamed me jesus/
he wanted to help u too, but he didnt have enough credit on his visas/
so, ur the "cause" of all this poverty and sickness/
well im the "effect" of it all-the reason u got a weakness/
keep ur day job, cuz i just flipped u, like u flip burgers for a livin/
ur gettin beat so bad, karate-kid's turnin in his grave while im spittin/
but whatever, im done-this shit that i said's all been written/
i dont mean to be conflictin-im just punishin u for startin/
so here's some "food for thought" and sure-i need votes too/
ur safe now, but soon u ull get stopped by "patrol"-then ill fuck u all the way through/

11-19-2002, 06:43 AM

11-19-2002, 07:17 PM
yo this is perfect guy, nice structure...
sorry i havent replied in awhile-my comp is fucked


11-20-2002, 12:38 AM
damn... this is like one of the best i seen since i been up here (a whopping 1 month). hats off 2 u guys

however, i have to go w/ninja on this one. it seemed to me ninja's responses also had new content, but dude seemed to just flip what ninja said. and for that i think ninja was hitting a bit harder

11-20-2002, 03:38 AM
i actually happen to agree...
but i was goin second...so that's kinda what i was tryin to do,
i think if i would have went first, it might have been different,
like i would of just through out new punches,
but i see what ur sayin...thanks guy....


11-20-2002, 02:48 PM
damn this was long

haydude: well i thought you were straigt garbage, but after readng this you aint half bad, good flow, you had some witty lines, some dope concepts that lacked execution but that will come with time ovrall some good verses from ya

Ninja: nice shit, flow was on point, disses were funny, wordplay was there, some very entertaining verses from ya
lol @ the shook ones line i was thinking the same thing when i read his verse

vote - Ninja

vote on this?

11-20-2002, 03:10 PM
Haydude is a bit out of his league here, but his best effort thus far. Haydude rides verses waaaaay to omuch. Ninja simply had the skill and haydude didn't

vote= Ninja Mic

11-21-2002, 06:49 AM
haydude came off aiiight.......had some good stuff in his rhyme.........ninja on the otherhand just kills shit everytime....great lines throughout......vote=ninja