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09-27-2006, 07:23 AM
With Dre being the label CEO -- the big brother, in a sense -- to both you and 50, why hasn't he been more vocal in the whole situation? At least publicly. We don't know what's being said behind the scenes, but from the outside, it seems like once everything popped off, Dre just sort of wiped his hands of everything.

I can't answer a question for Dre; I can only be responsible for myself. As far as Dre, I couldn't do anything but respect him. Dre signed me, gave me the opportunity to make millions of dollars, which I have. All I can do is be thankful towards Dre. At the same time, you can't take that personal, because this is a business. Is it Dre's responsibility to get in between two men when, you know, it's a real hip-hop war? I almost felt like the Biggie and 'Pac shit was 'bout to come back full circle...

Dre reached out to me on numerous occassions. And I'm pretty sure he did the same thing to 50. I got a few phone calls from Dre about stopping the beef and talking to 50, but I'm hardheaded. I do me. I do what I want to do, man... Now, I didn't hear the conversations he had with 50, but I'm pretty sure they were the same. Dre wanted it to end. Jimmy Iovine wanted it to end. But when you look at the aftermath of the shit, you can pretty much figure out what happened: I didn't listen to Dre, and neither did 50. We both grown men. We're gonna make our own decisions. The best decision we think suits us. We made a decision to go to war. And we're at a stage now where it's dead. Nothing else can be gained on either part. We already made it big as it could be. Neither one of us is dead yet. So what we gonna keep on goin' for? The people are getting tired of it.

If I could say one thing to 50 himself, I would just tell that nigga. Stop it, man, and leave me alone. I'm just tryna to feed my son. Tryna keep my homies tight, you know what I'm sayin'? Keep Compton on the map and keep the West Coast afloat. So any nigga out there that's just tryna beef with me, and, you know, you don't even know me or you don't even know the core of why you mad at me -- just leave me alone. I'm out here, man. I ain't fuckin' with nobody.

What about Dre? When's the last time you and Dre talked?

I talked to Dre maybe about three, four months ago. I went into the studio when he was finishing the Busta record and played him some of my joints. He went nuts. He talked about coming in at the end of and working on more joints with me.

Dre always told me -- and you can quote me on this -- "Fuck what people say in the streets. Fuck what they sayin' behind closed doors." Me and him are always gonna be the same way that we left each other. So if we left each other, then that's what it is. But if we left each other and we gave each other a pound and a pat on the back and hugs and said, Alright, my nigga, then that's what it is until the next time we see each other. That's something that he told me that touched me, "Don't believe none of the hoopla, none of the bullshit. Game and Dre is always the same as the last time that Game and Dre seen each other." And I felt like that was one hunnid.

How about Big Fase? What's the status with you and your brother right now? When you came out, y'all were damn near inseparable.

Man, it's like, I ain't gon' waste too much time on that, man. But I'ma just say my brother has done and said some things about me since, you know, the whole fallout. And right now, how I feel, I don't got no brother. And we can move on to the next subject, 'cause I feel so disrespected. That's the only comment that I got. I feel like I'm out here by myself, dawg. And because me and my brother fell out, that don't mean I fall off, you know what I'm sayin'? And that's another reason I grinded, man. So many people turned they backs on me, I had to step it up. I had to do it for me. I had to do it for my son. Had to do it for my niggas that's still ridin' with me. I had to do it for my fans. Had to do it for niggas that really appreciate and really love hip-hop. And, you know, I'm a one-man record machine.

And what's up with you and Ja Rule? People are going to be shocked to hear that you two are cool. You used to yell that Ja and the whole Murder Inc. label could suck your dick during your shows. Rumor even has it that you two did a joint together?

I wouldn't mind doing a joint with Ja. It ain't like I gotta be scared to say, Oh, I'm doin' a joint with Ja. But I done hollered at Ja one the phone, and he done gave me love and respect for what I did as far as holdin' myself down against the Unit. I done hollered at Irv. Murder Inc. and Black Wall Street done squashed their beef that they had back in the day. Me and Ja, we might get in and do 10 records, if that's what he feel like and that's what I feel like I want to do, you know what I'm sayin'? It's all love, man. I don't give a fuck what people think about Ja. If I fuck with him, I fuck with him. And when I fuck with him, everybody else is gonna fuck with him.

How did the conversation come about, when you deaded the beef?

At the Grammys, Irv came up to me. I was kind of shocked. I be on my guard, man. Irv came up to me. He came to me with his hand out. A Black man come at me with his hand out, what I'ma do, turn away? I shook his hand, man. He told me thanks for what I did. "Me and Ja just wanna thank you for what you did." And, "Let's get money." So I already knew what that meant. It's another beef that I can diminish. Ain't gotta worry about lookin' over my shoulder this way or that way. That's all it is when you beefin'. Nigga can't even sleep safe at night 'less you holdin' a gun, 'less you holdin' your finger on the trigger when you go to sleep. And then don't do that too many nights. You have a bad dream, you blow your brains out.

If you think about it, we all businessmen. Ain't nobody too muthafuckin' gangsta, 'cause aint nobody John Gotti, and ain't nobody Al Capone, and ain't nobody Tookie Williams. Ain't none of these niggas -- ain't nobody in hip-hop, myself included -- 'bout to go knock on the penitentiary door and say, Give me that lethal injection. I'm 26 years old, man, and I'm the most potent voice in hip-hop right now. The most powerful voice. It's due to all my struggles, my hard times, my admiration for the game and my ambition. It ain't about no beef. It's about me and my fans and making good music.

It's been so crazy for you since your last album came out. How did you keep your focus to record this new one?

It's been crazy. That's why I felt real compelled. When you fucked-up in the head, you write the best songs. You write some of your best songs when you're hurt man, and I was down. That's one thing that I can say. I was at a point between the first album and this album. I was at a point where I kinda felt like I wanted to kill myself.

Are you serious, homie? Really?

Dead serious, man. And the only thing that saved me was my little boy. 'Cause you know, other than that, I didn't have nothing to live for. I don't even care what happens to me. But my kid, man. That's my son. That's my twin... I love that dude so much, man.

That's deep. And then what rejuvenated you artistically, to where you wanted to keep your career going and be the top guy in the game?

The rap game got so bad, man. I felt like the only nigga that could save hip-hop. I mean really save hip-hop. Hip-hop! I couldn't let it die. People don't understand this hip-hop -- this ain't big chains, big cars and big titties. Nigga, this is hip-hop. I'm a child of hip-hop, which means if I'm gonna be one of the best MCs that ever lived, or one of the greatest rappers alive, I gotta keep hip-hop alive for the next nigga alive. It ain't about me. It ain't about me, because none of the top niggas in the world -- the Malcolm Xs, the Nelson Mandelas, the Martin Luther Kings -- them niggas wasn't out there doing that shit for them.

I love my life. I love my son. I love my family, and I wanna live, man. And I love hip-hop. And this is what I want to do.

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