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07-17-2006, 12:36 AM
It’s up there with that infamous photo of a young Prodigy at dance class. A magazine ad where Death Row’s Suge Knight is holding you know who’s son with the caption: We take care of our own. The episode of 106 and Park where Cash Money’s Baby kissed his young artist Lil Weezy right on the lips. Things we’ve heard about it but aren’t sure that they actually ever happened because we didn’t witness and/or see it.

Well you can scratch Game’s Change of Heart appearance off the list. Thanks to the new Rap Insider DVD. Wonder who would benefit from putting out a product like this? Things that make you go hmmmm. Anyway, this shit is for the most part hella boring with a White boy in a terrible disguise on the hunt for the Game’s Change of Heart footage. You are better served returning to the menu and just going right to the shit.

Now for the first time here’s your definitive episode guide to the muthafuckin’ thing we’ve heard about for so muthafuckin’ long.

At least we know Game hasn’t lied about his name. He’s referred to in the show as JT. (The government is Jayceon Taylor, stupid!) Ironically, it was another JT that got Chuck Taylor’s career started: JT Tha Bigga Figga. Game recognize game.

JT is rockin’ a gray and white Hawaian shirt. Eat your heart out, Jigga.

His ladyfriend is Sadita. Also on the show is their mutual female friend Rikki. I don’t know if I’m spelling the ladies’ names right. There’s no kryons, morons.

JT complains about breaking his back for his girl and getting nothing in return.
Rikki accuses JT of buying Sadita’s love. Flowers, shoes, clothes, everything.

Sadita accuses JT of smothering her and he “cries like a baby.”

JT quotes Heavy D “I got nuthin’ but love for her.”

Sadita says he acts extra macho but it’s an act. He’s more sensitive than Ralph T.

JT says Sadita is first woman he’s cared about—period.

Sadita says JT wants to be with her 24/7. He responds by playfully cuddling her on the couch.

JT cosigns “I wanna be with my girl, all day, everyday.”

Ricky says Sadita uses JT. He co-signs. She says she “tries to get what she can get.”

JT calls Sadita a promise breaker. Ouch!
JT complains of no PDA with his main squeeze.

Sadita says JT always has to prove to his friends that she’s with him.

Rikki says they’re inseperable and they bring brightness into her life and everyone else’s life. Ahhh!

Sadita says JT will do anything for her. If she told him to go outside naked with a leash on—he’d do it.

Sadita says JT’s sensitive for the 76th time and says he likes to send flowers—just ’cause.
Why did they come to show?

Sadita just got over 5 year relationship with someone and wants to make sure she can be committed to someone like that again. Now, I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger…

JT says he called the show because they were developing feelings really fast and he wanted to see how solid his love for Sadita really was.
JT’s date

Her name is Arana. Again who knows how the heffa spells it.

Game give the redbone a tight hug.

Sadita says Arana looks just like she’d be just as conceited as JT.

JT insisted Arana not be late for their date.

JT likes Arana’s ass.

Arana likes JT’s ass.
She walked in on JT with his pants down and “he did Calvin Klein justice.”

JT took Arana to a Chinese buffet. She brought his napkins, his food, and refilled his drinks.

Sadita says JT does that for her.

JT told Arana that Sadita is unaffectionate and only time she comes around is when she wants to go shopping or needs a little bit of money.
JT told Arana that Sadita is very jealous, very possessive and very mean. And if he looks at another female she socks him in the ribs.

JT really likes Arana’s “bangin’ booty.”During date, Arana hugged JT. It was the warmest embrace he ever felt in his life.

Arana loves candy.

Sadita says JT has a candy drawer. She admits she steals from it.

OK here’s juicy part:
JT wanted Arana to meet his mom at her club. She didn’t know it was a strip club. She walks in and is in shock when she sees a butt-naked man on stage pouring something down his chest. It’s not JT.

JT said he was gonna show Arana his moves later on that night.

They kissed at JT’s friend’s house. Arana gives JT a thumbs up in the kiss dept.

JT says the date lasted approximately a “whoppin’ 14 hours.”

They watched the sun rise together.

We don’t see ole girl’s date
Decision time

Rikki thinks they should stay together.

JT says his date with Arena is the most fun he’s ever had in his life but his heart is with Sadita. So he wants to stay together.

Sadita says she hoped that this experience would teach JT a lesson so she has a Change of heart.
YN’s conclusion

There it is baby doll. Hate it or love it. I think all this is embarrassing, but this ain’t career damaging to The Game. He’s not the first rapper to do something he wished would stay in the closet. As long as dude doesn’t catch the sophomore jinx he’ll be good to go. I got the fingers crossed. We could use another true rap superstar. Let’s get this cover poppin’!

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07-17-2006, 10:46 AM
I looked at the pics but I couldn't be bothered to read all of the text at the moment. I'll read it later though.

07-17-2006, 01:24 PM
wtf i didnt read the text yet but wtf at those pix whats change of heart????

07-18-2006, 12:14 AM
Ya'll Should Read The Text. It Clears All This Stripper Bullshit.

07-18-2006, 10:37 AM
yeah but it makes him look like a right bitch

Sadita accuses JT of smothering her and he “cries like a baby.”

so much for a hardcore gangster..and he did take her to strip club where there was males etc...so yeah..a gangster i think not...either way this is funny as hell...and really gives the unit the advantage if the beef continues

btw this shits old..i got the video if anyone wants to see it