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07-13-2006, 08:41 AM
+8 bars.
+No feeding.
+Must mention opponents name.
+First to 3 votes.
+Check in within 24 hours, drop within 24 hours after checking in. (48 hours in total to have your verse posted.)
+Votes within 48 hours of the last verse being posted. (If 48 hours is up and no one has reached 3 votes, the person with the most votes will win.)
+Blind spit.
+If any rules are broken, you will be disqualified.

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07-17-2006, 02:28 AM
the rules say to mention his name, one better I'll mention his game/
Zenith's got none to speak of so his 8000's just an extension of lame//1
you 'reached yourself' too soon, all your shit talking is premature/2
all this bitching about my timing has me thinking he's a her//
aint that nice, Game's crying a tear for the loss of his biggest fan/
way before his coma Zen loved Game for being the biggest, man//3
'Gettin American Money Easy' takes a whole new meaning doesnt it/
with Zen stuffin bills in your thong on some husband to husband shit//
this Shyne isnt free, you gotta pay for the priveledge of battling P/
your voice'll go hoarse(horse) after I ride on you like a saddling spree//
I showed up for the show down and you showed up to get mowed down/
got shown you cant face me head on you should have tip-toed round//
your a featherweight baby this is what happens when your out of your class/
its Tyson versus Gary Coleman, someone's getting knocked on their ass//
you got lame disses rehashed but I got somethin real special stashed/
to add insult to injury I'll beat your ass then jack your e-cash//

1- he has over 8000 posts, if he had any game would he spend all his time here? so his activity here is just an extension of his life
2- his name=zenith=climax=orgasm=premature ejaculation http://www.answers.com/zenith&r=67#Thesaurus
3- Game was supposedly a stripper before his coma when he started rapping.. put it together

07-17-2006, 06:33 AM
No Beef....Just Keepin' It Real

EZP battle me? I rip-out-nerves, force stake's into his eyes and 'flip-out verbs' like a 'grammatical burger-king'...kid's pathetic,i take-his-each-line and leave him wit more than a 'fat lip' like "sumos semi naked-in-levi's",prick,i shatter ya image and show "u ain't fly" like 'birds' wit 'severed-wings'...

Ya verses-are-pathetic, my each curses-are-generic, u see me massacre his lame-crew and this same-dude as 'easy' as a 'thread-curl'...Shit,i knew this bitch was weird since day-one,mourners beat him senseless cause he the same-dunce that "jacks off of a dead-girl" (http://www.eminemweb.com/board/showpost.php?p=469184&postcount=14)...

Keep talkin smack and i'll "wild-out", funeralize ya style-now and "bury ya head in the ground" like an "ostrich"...Test ya thoughts before ya talk-quick and later cry to K.A.L that ya got-ripped cause u "getting straight fire" like a a 'mason' who just "lost-bricks"... *(1)

For me loss is not-an-option,i 'break through da fences(defences)' like 'an angry neighbour who got-a-concoction' cause bitch,i can't stand seein'-tricks...Run up on u Krazy mothafuckas i see fleein-quick,u ill? shit havin' >This< (http://www.eminemweb.com/board/showpost.php?p=382974&postcount=4) is the only time u ever get close to 'bein'-sick'... *(2)

I just dismantled-ya-tactics, yo' measures turned drastic, 'u tight?' punk,i trample-on-'spastics' and drop u 'underground' like 'H.O.P'...I "squeeze-these-T's" on ya face and leave 'holes in one' cause the only time dude gets near a 'flow' is when 'He See Pee (EZP)'... *(3)

E's a wack-fuck, just 5 bars got him clapped-up,yo,i light the last-dutch and resume cracking ya "hard-core" like "mick foley"...Bitch,u don't know-me,i leave u with split cervix and shattered ankles unbalanced wit a 'sticky torn bible' (http://www.eminemweb.com/board/showpost.php?p=429281&postcount=36) bringin u "to ya knees" like a "catholic asian" just to make u "ho-lee (Holy)"... *(4)

Zen's each line is a deadly atom drop designed to destroy these fuckin definite skill devoid daft dingos wit leisure...i killed ya senses with just a fraction of relentless punches cause u and i know that the only time u "serve me" is when u give me a "ceaser (Seizure)"... *(5)

Ya hopes have just been broken-and-scattered and like "shitty milk cartons" "opened-and-splattered", fuck a 'rubber man', shit got checked for elasticity-of-this-whore...This dudes advancement into round 2 seems distant and bleek cause ya chances is like ya 'activity-on-this-board'...


(*1)-Ostrich's Are Known To Shove Their Head In2 The Ground When It's Trouble.
(*1)-Getting The 'Heat' From The Boss.
(*3)-H.O.P [House Of Pain]
(*3)-Spastic-Affected By Muscle 'Tightening'....Get It?
(*4)-Mick Foley=Hardcore Wrestler.
(*5)-Ceaser's Salad...Duh!

P.S: Wherever U See Underlined Words, Click Them For Understanding Better. And Just To Clear It Up, EZP's 'Activity Line' Was Written After I Wrote My Verse. So Yea', There Was No Feeding.

Our Verses Are Pretty Simple To Understand, If You Don't Get It....Don't Vote!


07-17-2006, 04:28 PM
wordplay/nameplay/metas zen
personals zen
multies zen even though a lot of em were forced
punches ezp aint that nice, Game's crying a tear for the loss of his biggest fan/
way before his coma Zen loved Game for being the biggest, man//3
'Gettin American Money Easy' takes a whole new meaning doesnt it/
with Zen stuffin bills in your thong on some husband to husband shit//
flow ezp
overall zen cause his personals were just better

07-17-2006, 04:46 PM
^exactly. I'm with that vote.
(*3)-Spastic-Affected By Muscle 'Tightening'....Get It?
wtf.. you meen 'spasm'....???
anyway, vote: Zenith

07-17-2006, 11:57 PM
^Spastic-Relating To Muscle Spasm='Tight'ening Of The Muscles..so..

'u tight?' punk,i trample-on-'spastics'

Anywho, 2-0. Thnx To Both The Voters.

Can Someone Finish This?

07-18-2006, 12:44 AM
Thanks Diatribe and Advo for voting, 0-2

and good verse Zenith damn I didnt even remember saying that shit but you used them for some good personals

07-18-2006, 10:08 AM
multies-zen (where is ezps???)
punches-ezp (wasnt feeling zens)
flow-ezp (totally didnt understand zens)
personals-zen although both werent really personal lol

overall= 4-2 so i have to go zenieth

07-18-2006, 10:16 AM
Yeah, My Punches Are Hard To Grasp. But Nonetheless,..Thank You.

3-0. K-O.

I Wanted To Beat You This Time EZP 'Cause The Last Time We Met We Drew Our Match.
You Fought Well.....Respect!

I Guess, This Thread No Longer Needs To Be Opened.

07-18-2006, 04:57 PM
Zenith moves on to Round Two. Congratulations.