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10-26-2002, 10:55 PM
anything goes

kronik imma shift you like a plate tectonik,
i spray techs hardest, i cant be honest,

been a scheamer since i was 2 its just so temptin,
imma leave ya ass missin like a blind mans vision,

i let ya body melt like candle wax,
im like the rock im bout to whip your candy ass,

i flip big slugs that hit big thugs, leave ya back hunched,
the tech leave your face fucked up,

j dont play games thats why i couldnt be kronik,
in this verse the feds must be after me cuz imma eat chronik,

my bars hold strong you spit real flimsy,
im bout to spit real nasty like ren and stempy,

yall just acters you aint really mobstas,
yall guns aint bustin i got big shells like lobsters,

yall dudes spit grimey try to hurt my immage,
i do drive byes thats why the windows is tinted,

so your name kronik you think you a baller now,
im like london brides i make niggas fall down,

before you come at me you betta get ya chips up,
yall niggas straight gay like men who dick suck.

10-27-2002, 12:21 AM
ill jump in this cuz battles is all i can do right now lol..

You make niggas fall down, didnt say nuttin bout albino,
so now Ill ram my flow so hard in ya chest youll call me rhino,
when I gore you so hard youll take a breath, then ride off on ya dyno,
then I run you down in my corvette, so now youll die-slow,
Thats what I told the cops in the wreck, but what the hell do I know?
I just throw flows at people like you and roll joints up like eggrolls,
I bone in church steeples and pews then find some bedpoles,
I can take you there to pray w/ people so I dont shoot out both ya leg holes//

Ill knock both you punks out like two birds with a single stone.
My lyrics will bounce off the first verse and into ya cellular phone.
Itll buzz ya ears until your hearing loss gets worse and call you home,
give you doctors note to sit out gym because i shattered ya bones.
Like ya grandma Ill call and ask how ya been and then flatten ya home.
Until I throw you in the recycling bin and invent you some new ring tones,
of the lyrics Im throwin, youll hear em again, then ill break you thru the disney dome...//

Now Ill repeat these multis until yall raise the white flag,
cuz ill leave a taste worse then sardines and give you jet lag,
and watch your pants fall down to ya knees, trippin while you sag,
cuz you cant hold em up while you party, too busy bein a couple of fags,
I shot you dead 2 the ground, 6 holes in ya chest from the clips,
I knocked your head out with these sounds, you thought i was pussy whipped,
So I brought some led back into this round, I saw yalls stomaches to triple flips,
And I thought that a bed was allowed, so yall do ya shit...//

So nojoke you wanna drive-by? Bring ya shitty chevy,
Ill sit on my porch waiting with my-nine, and three machettis,
But ask yourself "why should I-die? This boys sittin ready"
Thats right bitch.. why-die? Cuz you know Im packin heavy,
I can still hit you when Im-High, and I cant even shoot steady,
itd be like De La Hoya when Tyson went Bye-Bye, still cut his eye levy.
So remember when your face is tye-dye, Jragons the name thatll always be chanting..

like? no like? lol.. im tired so if its whack excuse it for now. my girls comin home this morning and im waitin for her to call so i hurried in case she did. aight? I didnt even mean to jump in but im bored. heh. l8a

10-27-2002, 02:25 AM

Joke is known for drugs and crack money,
talk shit get fucked up like a crash dummy/
kron want war then im bringin him war,
got the 8 for squeezin yeah im pumpin it raw/
im not new in this game the names topgun,
blast ya fuckin brains out wit this oldschool shotgun/
got the glok son, all I do is pop guns,
unlike yall all yall do is flop gums/
kron the you want beef the shotty blazin,
walk up in a warehouse and find ya body dangling/
i got mechettis you dont want beef wit me yo,
i can do whatever I want wit my steel like Magneto/
step on bugs and smash beetls, stab you wit crack needles,
i got big heat that'll leave ya ass seethrough/
kron betta keep ya mouth strapped like a zip up hoody,
fans know I sell more CD's than Sam Goody/
got techs when I ride out in the new Jag,
ill even come without guns just to see if you blast/
if you talk spit imma spark the 8,
i got lots of burnas and ill vlap ya face/
kid Jragon you just a bitch actin,
im a kid clapper, ill put you in a big casket/
kiddragon yo dog you a gekko you ain hot,
done told you i kill niggas you betta ask Kron/
gimme a real challenge im sick of playin games,
i just call you viktim cuz im sicka sayin names/
youll never become famous youll never even drop,
youll never make an album and youll never ever be hot/
you dont exist as an MC dragons are'nt even real,
its easy to chew your bars i dont consider you a meal/
you getz no ass ya left hand aint a butt,
if ya bitch think im sweet then im rammin the slut/
im tellin you dog you aint ready to face off,
yall 2 real week need vests like safegaurds/
the 8 blaze hard,j bars be permanent like scrape mark/
you dont want beef cuz we can get it down,
can you even talk no- joke is spittin rounds.

10-27-2002, 05:04 PM
we need some votes please vote. first wit 5 votes wins.

and when is kronik gunna write somethin.

10-28-2002, 12:51 AM
in a battle you get trampled, beaten on and blown up after
and if you're NoJoke, then why the fuck's there so much laughter?
You must be blinded by yer wackness, stumbling in the dark
Your verses sound like insane homeless people mumbling in the park
And you think that's enough to take on the master of mics?
Complex rhymes interface creating mass disaster tonight
Wack fools are awakened by the shocking thunder sound
Hear the rumble 'round in the motherfuckin underground
Style so fresh it was put up on the line for the air to ventilate thru
And rhymes so rugged that 'sleeping on them' penatrates you
And NoJoke is like a ol'folk rhyming like a slow poke,
get your nose broke so it's difficult for you to blow coke
It's drastic as I practise my verse-slingling tactics
The fact is yer wackness draws you closer to the casket
Gats busts like testicles when you embarrass yourself as a spectacle
Now determining the winner of this battle shouldn't be too technical


10-28-2002, 11:53 AM
k well nice shit by everyone, no joke i liked the verse you spit at kidjragon better than the first one. the first one had good flow but the rhyming was off cuz a lot of the words dont rhyme. and there wasnt that many dissing althought there were some good lines like

been a scheamer since i was 2 its just so temptin,
imma leave ya ass missin like a blind mans vision,

i let ya body melt like candle wax,
im like the rock im bout to whip your candy ass,

overall pretty good.

as for kronik , this was a really good verse, the lyrics and rhymes were tight and the flow was good. the first two lines were good ,nice words, and i also likes the last two lines, good way to finish it.

i vote for kronik

10-28-2002, 08:02 PM
1-0 uppin'

(NoJoke you didn't state if this was a first to five, or if a 3-0 score is a TKO or any of that shit)

10-29-2002, 09:08 AM
first wit 5 votes wins.

Dark Sword
10-29-2002, 10:13 AM
Since Im against you on the other battles.....am I'm aloud to vote. Would it affect out ability to battle against each other.

10-29-2002, 04:45 PM
kronik i know yo aint clappin the chrome,
got it big heat to blow off half of ya dome

you aint realy thugged out, (neva),
my bars leave you strung out,
guns smokem like weed blow ya lung out,

pack 4+3 to blow out ya teeth,
kid im like luda you cant rollout wit me,

like E yall REACT to me,
yo on chronik but when i pack gats you on speed,

straight runnin told you im a gunman,
kj betta back down for he get fumbled

like a football straight drops dangle his thoughts,
draggon im kidclappin leave ya brains in the hall,

sprayin you all, for speakin war talk,
k&k want beef you shoulda warned us,

we smack niggas, clap niggas, blast rounds, kron dont know how to act now,
when kid spit i laugh loud,

big double barrells - 9's that'll move your hairline,
bout to make your whole body bloody like a tampon,

i slit ya neck so it will cave in,
got hot burnas to erace ya face wit,

like the lox i wild out get it im tameless,
im killin the both of you but is Kron lame as Kid,

im the realest of real yall some unreal foes,
bust shots just to see yall heel-toe,

foreal thouggh in this battle i can't get enough,
your girl like me Kid she said you cant get it up,

i flip slugs it's all im bout that how i get down,
if you spit corny shit again imm'a put ya lips on the ground,

holla at ya boy, uppin 4 votes.

10-29-2002, 04:58 PM
... I don't feel a vote is necessary but Kronik was better than yall faggots

10-29-2002, 05:04 PM
i'd have to go with Kronik on this but no joke had a good vocab in some places but kronik was more consistant.

10-30-2002, 01:53 AM
2 more

Inapt Behavior
10-30-2002, 07:50 AM

Reason:Better over all verse....

10-31-2002, 12:18 PM
Yo - i'm poppin' for Kronik 'cos he blazed tha rest of you. Well done all for dropping shit.

But Kronik was just better - prolly something to do with experience.


11-02-2002, 09:40 AM
too late..but i would have voted for Kronik