View Full Version : Daz Dillinger, Snoop and Kurupt Support The Game

06-05-2006, 11:51 AM
During a recent interview with DPG, Kurupt showed his, Daz, and Snoop Dogg's support for The Game and what he has done for the west coast.

Mixtapetalk.com: What do you think about everyone saying: The Game put the West Coast back on the map?

Kurupt: I agree. I like that. I think The Game, Snoop, and the Dogg Pound movement is bringing the West Coast back, but Game definitely was a major piece of that. Whether people recognize it or not, the real is the real. I like Game. I think he's hot. Snoop like him, Daz like him, and he did a lot for the West Coast with Dr. Dre. I even give 50 Cent credit, because he put his foot in it.

Mixtapetalk.com: So, can we expect DPG and The Game to get together any time soon?

Kurupt: We've done some things with Game, but that's what the West Coast is about right now. We're supporting each other. The main thing is that we stay high and dry from the bullsh*t. Every one knows if you fu*k with us, you're fu*kin' with us, and we're not into all that bullsh*t, and that's what they do.