View Full Version : ‘Worst case’ of child molestation goes to court

03-10-2006, 11:30 PM
‘Worst case’ of child molestation goes to court
Prosecutor: Respiratory therapist admitted sexually abusing disabled kids

SAN DIEGO - A respiratory therapist affiliated with a children’s hospital confessed to “countless” molestations of young disabled patients, a prosecutor told a judge at the man's arraignment Friday.

The alleged confession was reported during a proceeding at which Wayne Bleyle, 54, pleaded not guilty to two counts of molestation and 24 counts of child pornography involving children under his care.

Investigators telephoned Bleyle while he was recently in New York “and he began confessing to countless” instances of fondling and digitally penetrating children under his care, Deputy District Attorney Laura Gunn told the judge.

Superior Court Judge David Szumowski set bail at $5 million. Prosecutors had asked for only $3 million.

Bleyle, who worked for 25 years at a convalescent facility affiliated with Children’s Hospital and Health Center, was arrested Wednesday.

Accused of abusing two kids per week
Gunn told the court that Bleyle sexually abused two children a week while working with patients too sick to walk or talk.

Investigators seized two computers and one hard drive and found tens of thousands of child pornography images, she said.

She said he confessed by phone to investigators while he was recently in New York. When an investigator asked how many children he abused, he replied, “How many snowflakes are there out there?” she said.

The prosecutor alleged that Bleyle chose the “most brain-damaged, most comatose” children to abuse and she described him as a “prolific trader in child pornography.”

“Simply put, this is the worst case of child molest imaginable,” she said.

Outside court, the prosecutor said Bleyle was in upstate New York as recently as March 2 and flew back to San Diego voluntarily Monday night.

Possibly more than 100,000 child porn images
She said investigators found possibly more than 100,000 images of child pornography on his computers and that he was the only one seen in the photographs molesting the children.

“It saddens and sickens me tremendously,” she said. “This is a shattering thing for all of us. It’s just devastating.”

She said the photos showed both boys and girls.

The investigation was continuing, she said.

Hospital spokesman Tom Hanscom said Thursday that as a respiratory therapist at the long-term care facility, Bleyle had contact with patients requiring constant attention. Patients there generally cannot feed, bathe or dress themselves.

Hospital officials have contacted the families of all 53 patients at the facility, which is located on the Children’s Hospital campus in San Diego. The hospital is also in the process of contacting families of past patients, Hanscom said.