View Full Version : Protest against 'drunk and lewd' party boosts ticket sales

02-23-2006, 10:17 AM
Protest against 'drunk and lewd' party boosts ticket sales

Organisers of a mardi gras party say ticket sales have soared since church groups complained of drunk and lewd behaviour.

Co-ordinators of the mardi gras in Muncie, Indiana, report calls for tickets from as far as Chicago and Cincinnati.

It comes after local pastor John Tyner appeared on network TV to discuss local faith-based objections to the event.

Event coordinator Cheryl Crowder told the Star Press: "There's no way we could pay for that exposure."

Tyner, pastor of Tabernacle of Praise Church, said he knew national publicity of the event might boost attendance.

But he said local ministers were still committed to ending the city's involvement in the event.

"We would like to re-establish dialogue with the mayor and talk to him after this event," he said.