View Full Version : Eternal vs fahe thugz

09-11-2002, 07:12 AM
12 bar max
no dickryding
bullshit explaination vote wont count

I throw hardcore punches at eternal like old shatter hand,
take a 'snap shot' of ya death n send it ya momma in a letter head,
this battle ain't DRAGin'ON-coz I SPIT FIRE and make u feel ASH-amed,
I 'masti-cate' this 'beef',while u 'master-card' a dispenser 2 get a cash-payment,
I force u 2 'cut ya arteries',coz ya 'bloody drops' are 'self defeatin',
herb, u wouldnt even show sum temper if ya gurl was cheatin,
Coz i 'make fings hot' fo u-my 'flames' and 'arms of fire' repulsin the truth son,
I strangle u don't 'waste ur breath' dog-how u gonna 'spit back' wit a 'blue gum'
And even if u escape ma 'nuclear strikes' I'll exterminate u wit 'acid rain-drops',
rhymin off ur 'beads' of perspiration,while u tied up 'railing at fate' hopin the train stops,
watchin ur fatality in this mortal combat without batting an eyelid,
eternal u betta fink twice before battling a psy. kid

06-07-2005, 04:02 PM
Yo U Pussy Ass Aint Got Game