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  1. First Thread For The Best Cd!!!
  2. Rules Of Posting In The Marshall Mathers LP Forum
  3. Rate the album
  4. your best/fave song in the album
  5. Worst song in the album
  6. Flaws in this album
  7. best video from SSLP songs & song that shoud've shooted...
  8. Best beat in the album
  9. the most song in the album you relate to...
  10. Criminal vs. The Way I am
  11. Kill You vs. Stan
  12. Part II
  13. What was the best collab in MMLP?
  14. What's the most MMLP song you've been listening to lately?!
  15. kim vs the way i am
  16. What this has no Other Em CDs have
  17. Words that Describe this Album.
  18. kim vs stan
  19. Kill You
  20. 3 Although the
  21. Lincoln in his box
  22. annexation of mason
  23. you
  24. what's your all time favourite song?