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  1. The first story ever posted here....
  2. Nut sack forest
  3. A pool of Darkness
  4. House of Dolls
  5. Why Marshall Matters
  6. Call it how you please!
  7. Burning of seperation
  8. Something I'm working on...
  9. Why am I the one to die?
  10. Cape Flats Lullaby - South Africa
  11. Forget Me Not
  12. Friendship~
  13. Tear's In Cupid Eye's
  14. Stuck In Writer's World.
  15. A ghost in northampton. *Britian is my home. MY PEN NEVER FALLS ASLEEP ON THE PAGE.
  16. Boredom....
  17. dfffffw
  18. No idea what this is was just writing as I couldn't sleep.
  19. Brain Damage. Some stuff written when I was really young.
  20. Lyrics from My Diary
  21. Can you?
  22. Ebenezer
  23. Why's it gotta be like this
  24. If you don't like reading then this isn't the one for you lol.
  25. I do have a heart
  26. Back in the cell
  27. keyed freetyle
  28. Just a creative writer.
  29. If I'm crazy enough to think it, then I'm stupid enough to write it.
  30. Keyed Work
  31. Detention. I wrote dis whilst sittin on the bus, chillin with the headphones on
  32. the cycle song
  33. Gerold and Rita. Something i made up lol .....
  34. every piece tells a story
  35. CLOSED CURTAINS ; 8.. until i see my death bed.
  36. CLOSED CUTRAINS ; 13. trips
  37. i fell in love with a pen
  38. Abbyy's Inspiration.
  39. is this what you call elevating within creative writing ??
  40. keyed
  41. eminem - beautiful is the track of 2009 for me !
  42. it's a story. no lyrics, just pay attention and look around what your reading.
  43. remiss is back on the board lmao . . uploading better shit then this soon.
  44. ricky & abby ignoring me won't stop me.
  45. my last post on here for a while. go on try working out what i mean in all that lol.
  46. time on our hands
  47. go remiss run
  48. why does music keep playing in a silent room ?
  49. 6th july. the month starts now then i'm out.
  50. this is joke, bare shits been put up here all ready and there's still a month left.
  51. pure concentration
  52. a silent room
  53. 20th july, 2009, 04:41 in the morning. last post for a while
  54. ricky & remiss
  55. just venting.
  56. Lookers-on see most of the game.
  57. crazy crazy crazy crazy
  58. unspoken words
  59. what is your name.... more to the point what is my name? lol
  60. death is just the beginning, I'm back not Remiss it's Choo Lin
  61. unchangeable short called
  62. said that
  63. here's my number, who'd do it first. Remiss!
  64. actually favorite
  65. a lamp in one
  66. Roadworthy gem
  67. ong
  68. i live for my haters. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!
  69. heard Dudley
  70. so weary
  71. one physicist
  72. said is transformed
  73. "Is it because you love me that y'all expect so much of me?"
  74. seem land
  75. 8th November.. this is the last one dont need this site anymore
  76. act accelerating
  77. am not
  78. bar, season
  79. sexuality fault
  80. sea of people
  81. Stony to couple
  82. Xifan the status
  83. the boy in the striped pjama's
  84. secrets
  85. Parental Guidance
  86. dont give a fuck who you run with
  87. Home Alone
  88. Wednesday 17th August 2011
  89. Honesty is the best Policy
  90. confessions part 1
  91. confessions part 2
  92. Dear Diary...
  93. do i try harder, or just stop trying?
  94. every writer finds their own work shit
  95. by the light of the moon
  96. "we all want to be different, thats what makes us the same"
  97. so whats the deal ridaz, will you excuse me whilst i feel my nuts
  98. some more of Aktar's work
  99. freedom writer
  100. Invisible Kidz
  101. wake up
  102. my disney ryhme part 1 - draft
  103. saturday 7th january 2012 - 11 o'clock..
  104. Aktar's Work
  105. "writing to stay silent"
  106. I didn't change, you just never knew me...
  107. Scream!
  108. 'prison'
  109. no where near the end..
  110. 'on it'
  111. these are just random lines I highlighted from 1 book
  112. fb
  113. hell have no fury like a woman scorned
  114. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
  115. Hahahaha!
  116. suicide letter left in the attic