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Welcome to Eminem Web dot Com, the number one source for Eminem. This site was established around 7 years ago in 1999 and contains everything you've ever wanted to know about Eminem. There are thousands of thousands of pages to view and our photo gallery is one of the biggest in the world. This feature provides a service to allow fans to share their own photos with he rest of the world. As well as a huge photo gallery, we also provide Eminemís entire music listen to and all of his videos to watch. These videos include unseen footage so be sure to check it out. Our community is one of the biggest in the world with over 15000 cool Eminem fans. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to get in touch with us.


Eminem pictures

Eminem pictures

Eminem pictures

The Marshall Mathers LP Review

"You don't wanna f**k with shady cause Shady gonna f**kin kill you." So begins Eminem's second album and extended rant directed at the American moral majority, obsessive fans, teen pop stars and, y'know, pretty much anyone who isn't Eminem or his favourite producer Dr Dre. But, as tiresome as these themes become, the skilful, though frequently distasteful, wit with which the young Detroit upstart delivers the rhymes keeps 'The Marshall Mathers LP' on it's toes. The album's second track, ......... [Read More]

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